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Make the Kids’ Table the Best Table This Thanksgiving!

By: colleen clark

November 16, 2016

We’ve all had to pay our dues at a rickety old card table, eating Thanksgiving off of paper plates with the other kids (or kids-at-heart). But why should the littles be an afterthought when they bring so much joy to the holiday season? With a few small upgrades, you can make the kids’ table the best table. So we teamed up with Land of Nod to create the Kidsgiving we always wanted. 

Tip 1: Instead of resorting to plastic or paper plates, create a kid-sized place setting by using a salad plate as a charger and a dessert plate as an entree one. Do the same with flatware, using dessert forks and spoons.


Tip 2: Make sure there’s room at the table for VIPs like Mr. Bear and Ms. Fox.


Tip 3: Use machine washable table linens and scotch guarded rugs. Because let’s be honest, Mr. Bear and Ms. Fox aways spill their sparkling cider.


Tip 4: Repurpose toys as table decor. Blocks are a great replacement for a traditional name card.


Tip 5: Remember to give thanks. We’re lucky to have cute plates, full bellies and happy kids to fill our favorite holiday. So Happy Thanksgiving from Laurel & Wolf to you and yours!

Designed by James Tabb

Photos by Dustin Walker

Furniture by Land of Nod

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