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Match the Music Video to the Room

By: Sarah Beaumont

August 26, 2016

From Beyoncé’s visionary Lemonade to Drake’s meme-inducing Hotline Bling, it’s been an exciting year for music videos. So ahead of MTV’s Video Music Awards this weekend, we decided to take a closer look and make ourselves at home in this year’s nominees for Video of the Year. From a bed even Kanye could love to a Bey-worthy boudoir, we’re matching up the vid to the room.

“Hello” by Adele + Rustic Cabin in the Woods

Still from Adele’s video for “Hello” / Interior image via Lean Timms

Adele’s sepia-toned ballad recounts a lost and unreachable love. The nostalgic mood of the video is furthered by its reclusive setting — Adele appears to be holed up in a vintage, shabby-chic cabin in the woods. If that lost love were to return, we can totally imagine them sipping tea together in a rustic kitchen like the one on the right.

Watch the video:

“Hotline Bling” by Drake + Contemporary Art House

Still from Drake’s video for “Hotline Bling” / Interior image via Mal Corboy

Drake’s video for “Hotline Bling” looks like an exact replica of a James Turrell installation. If “Hotline Bling” were translated to an interior, it would be a highly contemporary, LED-lit space. Minimal, polished, and tech-friendly, this interior would have shiny metallic surfaces to reflect its neon lighting and lucite chairs. Dancing Drake not included.

Watch the video:

“Formation” by Beyoncé + Southern Victorian Boudoir
Still from Beyonce's video "Formation" / Image from Old House Interiors

Still from Beyonce’s video for “Formation” / Interior image via Old House Interiors

Much of Beyoncé’s acclaimed visual album Lemonade is set in the deep South (though much of it was filmed in a historic mansion in Pasadena). Still, Southern Gothic style rules, and we can totally see Bae plotting revenge from this antebellum boudoir.

Watch the video:

“Sorry” by Justin Bieber + Memphis Design
still from Justin Bieber's "Sorry" video / Creative Market

Still from Justin Bieber’s video for “Sorry” / Interior image via Creative Market

Justin Bieber’s video for “Sorry” is pretty much one big 80’s dance party. A group of girls costumed in bright colors, loud patterns, and 1980’s silhouettes pop against a bright white backdrop, calling to mind the quirky shapes and unabashed boldness of Memphis Design — aka the ultimate interior trend of the 80’s.

Watch the video:

“Famous” by Kanye West + Minimal Bedroom

Edited still from Kanye West’s video for “Famous / Interior image via Behance

Like most things Kanye West, his video for “Famous” is somewhat hard to digest, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the perfect interior to match it. In the video, a giant, white bed plays host to an array of sleeping nude celebrities. Wrapped in a tangle of white sheets, the figures seem peaceful and serene, much like they’d be in this minimal white bedroom with its pillowy linens and shag rug.

Watch the video (NSFW):

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