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8 Cute Rooms Inspired by 8 Seriously Cute Puppies

By: Sarah Beaumont

March 22, 2017

You know how dog owners and their puppies often start to look alike? Well we think the same can happen with their homes. So in honor of National Puppy Day, we’re throwing our furry friends a bone by collecting rooms that were made to match their seriously adorable features. From spaces as cuddly as a golden retriever to those that have the spunk of a French bulldog, these rooms prove that dog is more than man’s best friend — they’re our interior inspiration too!

Samoyed Puppy + Fluffy White Nursery

Gentle and playful, Samoyeds make great companions for kids. Which means a calm nursery filled with lots of fluffy white textures is a Samoyed’s perfect play place. Plus, their plush white fur is as soft as a blanket, meaning they feel like a real-life teddy bear when you hug them.

Corgi Mutts + A Cheerfully Spotted Space

These short, furry friends have the stocky figure of a wishbone chair covered in a sheepskin throw. They’re calm and collected, kind of like this neutral-toned space. Match this breed’s style with a mix of neutral tones and relaxed shapes.

Terrier Pair + Monochromatic Living Room

Westies and Scotties go together like milk and cookies. And their black and white coats create a monochromatic color scheme that can easily be replicated in a room. Poised, yet laidback, these terriers belong in a comfortable, clean Scandinavian space filled with nubby textiles.

Shiba Inu + Warm Modern Dining Room

The orange-hued fur of a Shiba is best matched with warm wood tones and white walls. These alert dogs have a fairly cat-like demeanor, so an organized space where the Feng Shui flows strong is a plus. Add a few splashes of contemporary pattern to keep up with their perky attitudes.

Border Collie Pup + Contemporary Farmhouse Kitchen

Border collies thrive in big, open spaces where they can run around as nature intended. Match their natural instincts with a farmhouse kitchen, where white countertops and dark floors will look great with their black and white coats.

Golden Retrievers + A Rustic Cottage Room

They may have a lot of energy, but this all-American favorite is possibly the cuddliest breed of all. Cozying up with a golden retriever is like taking a leisurely nap in a quiet, country bedroom, tucked under the softest sheets you’ve ever felt. Then after your nap, you can go for a run through the fields with your pup.

Adorable Dachshund + A Cool, Collected Dining Room

via Houzz

What this dog lacks in height, it sure makes up for in style and cuteness. It’s like the Dachshund wants to have a structured shape, but it ends up feeling floppy anyways, kind of like this dining room with its curvy decor.

French Bulldog + A Fashionable French Apartment

Frenchies are one of the trendiest breeds on the block, especially in cosmopolitan cities like New York and San Francisco. We get it, who can deny those adorable squished faces? These undeniably chic pups deserve a room to match their sleek fur. Cool, gray tones and museum-worthy decor are musts.

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