How to Maximize Space in a Small Bedroom

By: Sarah Beaumont

February 7, 2017

Small-space living is never easy. But when your bedroom is hardly big enough for your bed, maximizing your minimal space can seem like a near-impossible feat. So how do you make room for your stuff and yourself while still maintaining your style? From letting in natural light to ditching the double nightstands, these space-saving tips will make your petit boudoir feel more like a grand hotel suite.

Free Up Floor Space

Do you have a heavy bookshelf or two clunky nightstands taking up floor space? The more floor you can see, the bigger your room will feel, so opt for floating furniture whenever possible. Wall-mounted nightstands or floating shelves have a cleaner, more streamlined feel, and they make your space look less cluttered if you do keep a few items on the floor.

Do Double Duty

Symmetry is always a nice touch in a bedroom, but sometimes it’s not possible to squeeze two nightstands into a room, let alone one. If you have a desk in your space, let it do double duty by placing it beside your bed and using it as a nightstand.

Brighten & Lighten 

Natural light brightens your room and makes it look bigger, so avoid using dense, heavy window treatments. Instead, opt for unstructured, airy coverings like a sheer roman shade. Or try layering blinds with soft, gauzy curtains in order to let light in during the day and block it out at night.

Simplify Your Color Scheme

When there are tons of different patterns and colors packed into one tiny bedroom, it tends to look even more cramped. Simplify your color scheme by sticking with a few different neutrals. White walls, for example, almost always make a space look bigger. But if you are a fan of color, don’t be afraid to add a statement-making pop here and there. When combined with neutrals, a bright punctuation of color creates a spot for your eye to travel, which makes your room seem bigger.

Go Tech Free

How to Maximize Space in a Small Bedroom, Laurel & Wolf,

Keeping your room uncluttered is the number one key to creating the illusion of more space. But tech items, like TV’s and computers add serious bulk to the bedroom. Stow your laptop at night and if possible, leave the TV in the living room. No matter how flat, that big, black box isn’t helping your space look any larger.

Elevate Your Sleep

A bed that sits flat on the ground looks abrupt and bulky. But a raised bed makes a room look bigger. We recommend a frame with clean lines and platform legs that sit six to eight inches above the floor. (Just don’t stash a bunch of stuff under there!) To further the elevated look, choose bedding in light, solid tones rather than patterns or dark fabrics.

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