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Office Tour: A Space So Chic, You Won’t Mind Working Overtime

By: Sarah Beaumont

August 10, 2016

How would you like to wake up every day feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to go to work? Studies show that a well-designed office has a direct positive impact on the health and productivity of employees. To put it plainly, stylish design equals happy workers, and BLND PR has definitely not missed the memo.

The boutique public relations firm based out of Hermosa Beach, CA, has mastered the art of working hard and playing hard. Their new office is a clear representation of this motto, filled with blush pink accents, glimmering gold office supplies, and whimsical art. But what’s most important to the firm’s work style is having an environment that powers creative collaboration.


On the left, a small lounge area allows for relaxation and breaks throughout the busy work day. On the right, the team poses with the BLND mascot — their fluffy, white dog, who just so happens to match the decor perfectly.

When BLND PR launched their design project, they were in the middle of deciding between two different spaces. “It came down to what the team overall felt was the best space for our collaborative work environment. We ended up choosing the one with the open floorplan,” says Managing Partner Bryanne Lawless.

Walking into the BLND PR office practically feels like you’ve entered a vacation home that you’re renting with your best girlfriends. Modern and airy, the clean, white walls are decorated with breezy photos of palm trees, cacti, and pink sand beaches. Pops of green and soft textures carry throughout while fresh flowers line each table in the playful, girly space.


Gold metallics, greens, and pale pinks add color variety to the neutral palette that carries through the BLND office.

Though the office is fairly compact, the team has learned to take advantage of each square foot, finding that working in a small, yet open area allows them to put their heads together in innovative ways.


“Whether it’s helping to think of synonym for a word or crafting the perfect email subject line, we’re all able to chip in and work off of each other. Brainstorming in a collaborative environment is much better for creativity and better for work overall, as everyone feels equally involved with what is happening on a day to day basis,” says Lawless.

Even the interns work collaboratively at a big conference table in the middle of the room, which allows them to gain insight and easily ask questions about the tasks they’re working on.


The large front windows bring light streaming into the office, enhancing the bright quality of the design.


Each desk is decorated with gold and copper accents as well as a personal little succulent plant.

It also doesn’t hurt that BLND happens to be just a few blocks from the beach. “The fresh air from the outside patio is amazing and makes us feel like we’re out enjoying the ocean breeze, even when sometimes we’re stuck in the office all day,” says Lawless.

Clients love coming in for meetings simply to get a mini-vacation from their regular offices. The area is also completely walkable, allowing employees to get a breath of air by walking across the street to grab an iced coffee or an avocado toast (sounds pretty dreamy to us).


From the pictures on the walls to a soft furry pouf and sheepskin throws covering each chair, BLND is all about their decorative accessories.

Although BLND’S mission is to facilitate the growth and development of other brands, the new space has enabled their own firm to flourish. “The aesthetic really pushes the sophistication of BLND as well as our fun nature. We get work done with fresh ideas, open minds, and bright space,” Lawless says.

BLND_PR_1Tile floors topped with a faux sheepskin and a striped area rug add warmth and texture to the airy white space.

BLND’s office proves that you don’t need a multi-story building filled with hundreds of cubicles to achieve great things. Excellent work is a product of an open, inviting atmosphere, balance between work and play, and bright minds coming together.



Photos by Dustin Walker.

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