Old Design Trends and What to Replace Them with This Year

By: Sarah Beaumont

January 4, 2017

Image via The Design Files

In the words of Bob Dylan, the times they are a-changin’. Which means all the décor and design inspirations we’ve obsessively pinned over the past 12 months are quickly becoming obsolete. Don’t panic – mid-century furniture and marble surfaces will always have their place, but fads like chevron and macrame have had their moment. From celestial symbols to a modern take on tile, these are the new trends that will replace the old this year.

Swans are the new flamingos. We’re all about a little bird decor, but 2016’s kitschy flamingos feel garish as we head into a more serious new year. In 2017, graceful swans will take the place of flashy flamingo wall art.

Old Design Trends and What to Replace Them with This Year, Laurel & Wolf, via / Swan Lake print by Edwin Rasberg via The Cool Hunter

via Monique Gibson Interior Design / Swan Lake print by Edwin Rasberg via The Cool Hunter

Cane is the new rattan. Wicker, rattan, it’s all the same, isn’t it? Not quite. Your grandma’s favorite furniture style keeps getting updated, but this year those thick rattan pieces are being woven a little thinner in a style called caning. Though cane is basically part of the rattan plant (it’s produced by peeling the skin off of the rattan vine), it’s more flexible and less porous. It feels like boho rattan’s sophisticated older sister.

Matte is the new reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood, you’ve had a nice long run but it’s time to send you back to the barn from whence you came. Matte surfaces are a refreshingly sleek trade in, but don’t let go of wood altogether. Light timber and maple woods look amazing paired with the matte trend.

Moons are the new triangles. This year is full of uncertainty for many, which leads us to look to the stars for answers. The geometric triangle shapes that have recently dominated decor will be replaced with celestial and cosmic motifs like stars and moons.

Hygge is the new minimalism. Minimalism has always been the anti-hectic design style, but a sparse interior doesn’t necessarily make you feel more relaxed. Enter hygge. This Danish lifestyle trend is all about getting cozy and spending quality time with the ones you love. No wonder the Danes are the happiest group of people in the world. When you combine their great design chops with their theory of coziness, you get hygge.

Old Design Trends and What to Replace Them with This Year, Laurel & Wolf, old-new-trends-hygge

via Amara

Built-ins are the new bar carts. The reign of the bar cart may finally be coming to an end. At home wet bars are cool again. If a built-in isn’t an option, the bar cart will do, but just know these spacious bars will be fueling all the coolest cocktail parties this year.

Sculptural wall sconces are the new Edison bulbs. While we’re saying farewell to reclaimed wood, we may as well bid adieu to their favorite counterpart — the Edison bulb. When it comes to lighting for 2017, we’re digging the artful, sculpture-like sconces that are emerging this year.

Hexagons are the new subway tiles. Subway tiles will never truly die, but they’re starting to feel a little basic. The hexagon feels vibrant and fresh, especially in a bold cerulean or a cool and calm gray.

Tassels are the new macrame. Macrame had its moment and this year, we’ll see a more refined take on the trend. Tassels and fringe recall 1920’s flapper glamor and 1960’s swingin’ style. Expect to see them adopted on furnishings, accent pieces, and lighting alike.

Old Design Trends and What to Replace Them with This Year, Laurel & Wolf, via The Apartment, 1960’s Hans-Agne Jakobsson lighting fixture

via The Apartment, 1960’s Hans-Agne Jakobsson lighting fixture

Green is the new pink. We expect that blush tones will stick around for a while, but this is the year of Greenery. Pantone recognized the need for a refresh in 2017 and made the color of the year one that symbolizes new beginnings and a return to nature. If your beloved pinks must stay, try pairing them with this zesty yellow-green shade.

Bold, retro refrigerators are the new stainless steel. Move aside sleek, stainless steel appliances. This is the year of the retro refrigerator. They may not hold as much food, but these colorful coolers make your kitchen way more fun.

A muted palette is the new chevron print. This longtime favorite geometric print is finally being swapped for muted fabrics and colors. Gradient rugs are taking the place of chevron kilims while sofas will be accessorized with matching muted pillows.

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