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Our Design Crush: Anthony Barrata!

By: Casey Gerber

January 12, 2015

We have a HUGE crush on American interior designer Anthony Baratta! A style icon, Baratta is known for his stunning and colorful interiors and his playful use of shape in the spaces he designs. Check out some of the interiors he’s created that we’re obsessed with!e2ee8ffd861e4133295b04cd0ac76879

Funky accents like a swirling rug and tapered jars bring a playful edginess to the cotton candy colored walls.


The structure that white and yellow stripes bring to this wall are so visually stunning, and keep the bright color from being too busy and overwhelming.

RiB Anthony BarattaAll blue everywhere! Bold choices yield beautiful outcomes in this traditional (with a twist) sitting room.

Love his style? We feel you. Shop Anthony’s look here!

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