A Love Affair with Emerald Green

By: Casey Gerber

September 8, 2014

For the Love of Emerald….visions of emerald dancing through your head too? Its deep rich boldness taunts us begging for an opportunity to shine. Interior designers and homeowners alike seem to be searching for ways to incorporate this timeless, luscious and soothing color into their spaces.  It simply can not be denied that this color, which is also known as being the most restful to the human eye, is smooth, sexy, and sumptuous. What else could you possibly be looking for? The question that lies in front of us is how do we make

We are inspired by the fierce fall fashions and have decided its time to talk about leopard! Nothing is as fierce as leopard print, whether it is used in grand or subtle ways in the home. It can be found in accent pieces that give just enough of that wild flair or in bold statements that draw immediate attention. However you want to use it, we’ll show you how this print is simply purrrrrfect for any room. 1. Genuine Hyde – Set the Space with a Bit of RAWR Why We Love It: Set the desk space

Feeling a bit blah about your space? If you need a quick fix then read these simple ways to update and beautify your home! 1. Freshen Up With Flowers: It doesn’t matter where they come from really. The market, a bad date, your neighbor’s yard…. but take the time to bring some into your home! Choose colors that compliment the room you are going to be placing them in and an easy way to create a super chic arrangement is by choosing a variety of flowers all in one color (

So the decision has been made to actually get out there and camp…to rough it! Don’t worry, it will be a fun way to get out in nature if you follow some tips and bring chic style to camping days of yesteryear.  Add these fun must have glamping items and enjoy!   1. Fab Accommodations – The Bell Tent is the cutest way to go when getting out into nature in style!     2. Cross Thresholds  – A wool rug is serious must have for staying tidy while roughing it. 3. Cozzzzzy Throw Beds –

As the summer winds down, the final holiday weekend invites us to enjoy time with friends, family and soak in as much of the outdoors as we can. What better way to do it than really getting out into nature? Well, there is a slight downside when you’re not a camper…you know, the no deodorant wearing, dehydrated food packet and aluminum blanket type! Yikes! Well there’s a solution to getting out into nature without going full hippy. Introducing….. GLAMPING: defined as a luxury form of camping, blending the beauty of the natural experience of outdoor

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