Yes, Pure Wow!!

By: Casey Gerber

October 4, 2014

Need the designer touch? Well, this is what you’re looking for! Check out Laurel & Wolf Designer tips on Pure Wow! Love our designers and their 10 ways to upgrade your home like a decorator tips! Thanks Pure Wow for the howling review!! #GetYourDesignOn xo, Laurel & Wolf

This admirable veteran husband surprised his wife by entering her to win a Laurel & Wolf master bedroom #GetYourDesignOn makeover for the annual Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Dustin Abbas sent us an amazing letter about how his wonderful wife selflessly supports the family and their community.  We fell in love with the Abbas family after that and knew that their home was about to be transformed!  The master bedroom needed new furniture , art, and accessories. The goal was to create an updated space that would serve as a retreat for Dustin and Tanya.

Some of the most coveted organic designs are created by nature and then perfectly named by the French! We can’t get enough of Faux Bois i.e. false wood and its gorgeous pattern. The artistic imitation of wood  in various decor gives that organic style to compliment any space. Check out some of our favorite examples: Clearly Faux Bois  Why We Love It: This eclectic room has gorgeous Faux Bois pattern on the walls and also a smaller version on the lucite table. Fun texture all around.   The Tree-ZZZ Are Calling Why We Love It:

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