We adore a stylish vanity! A perfect one looks so good that it makes the primp and prep the best part any affair. Isn’t the charm all in the accents and details? Make your vanity space shine (so you sparkle on) with one of these fun styles! 1. Gilded Age Why We Love It: This beautiful image captures the beauty and opulence of the Gilded Age. Silver tray, deco mirrors, pearls and fur capture the lady of the 1920’s. 2. The Modern Gent Why We Love It: This is a nice take on the vanity for guys who know it’s

Rich + Radiant Orchid Accents

By: Casey Gerber

July 28, 2014

Radiant Orchid, the color of the year for 2014 and rightly one of our favorites for beautiful home accessories. Here we found some luxe and luscious items that also charm with a foreign flair! We are dreaming of a exotic vacations for sure…..1. Palace Trellis Glass ~ Anthropologie 2. Cyrus Glass Chandelier ~ Plantation Design 3. Dian Jacquard Pillow– Anthropologie 4. Brahams Mount Harringbone Throw ~ Serena & Lily 5. Magenta Quartz Crystal Book Ends ~ Etsy 6. Betta Bench ~ 7. Framed Beauties ~ Zoe Bios Creative 8. Double Diamond Rug ~ Anthropologie  

Want a fun budget friendly way to light up your patio this summer? Whether you’re catching up on reading, relaxing, chatting with friends or hosting a special event, there’s nothing like enjoying a cool evening outside with some perfect lighting. Here are a few easy DIY’s to make that happen asap! 1. Mason Jar Lights  Mason jars can make excellent centerpieces for any tabletop.  Fill a jar with sand, seashells, rocks, moss, or paint the outside of the jar your favorite color. When you put the candle inside-voila! You can also hang the

Bring out your inner diva for these fabulous fashion stations. Your clothes may speak for themselves, but we think they deserve a beautiful place to stay just like you! Maybe one of these lovely closets will match your own unique style and taste. 1. Luxe Contemporary Why We Love It: Contemporary style paired beautifully with luxe details like the sheepskin throw, the tassel drop light, the red painted ceiling and glam art. 2. Focused Style  Why We Love It: Clean lines and monochromatic black and white palette gives this some serious style points. Simple

Want to know about a little secret? It’s about a company that picks up and delivers furniture to your doorstep faster than you can say #GetYourDesignOn! Everyone deserves the chance to refurbish their home, but the hassle that often comes with moving and buying furniture can often make the process overwhelming. Move Loot is a hip new company that makes selling and buying furniture online as easy as the click of a button! Furniture is picked up from the seller’s home, and Move Loot gives back 50% of the proceeds when

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