So the decision has been made to actually get out there and camp…to rough it! Don’t worry, it will be a fun way to get out in nature if you follow some tips and bring chic style to camping days of yesteryear.  Add these fun must have glamping items and enjoy!   1. Fab Accommodations – The Bell Tent is the cutest way to go when getting out into nature in style!     2. Cross Thresholds  – A wool rug is serious must have for staying tidy while roughing it. 3. Cozzzzzy Throw Beds –

As the summer winds down, the final holiday weekend invites us to enjoy time with friends, family and soak in as much of the outdoors as we can. What better way to do it than really getting out into nature? Well, there is a slight downside when you’re not a camper…you know, the no deodorant wearing, dehydrated food packet and aluminum blanket type! Yikes! Well there’s a solution to getting out into nature without going full hippy. Introducing….. GLAMPING: defined as a luxury form of camping, blending the beauty of the natural experience of outdoor

Wonderful Wovens + Wicker

By: Clara Lemon

August 25, 2014

Wicker is more than just a charming casual element that reminds us of beach homes and cozy patio seating. It has been at the forefront of handcrafted furniture for years and is now being used as the material for tables, trays, dressers, and even lamp shades. It subtly incorporates that “natural” look into accents that work well both inside and outside of the home. Take a look at the many ways you can use wicker pieces in your home with accents, lighting, decor, furniture and more! Setting a table scape with a hint of wicker is elegant and restrained through ACCENTS

Laurel Loves Revitaliste

By: Clara Lemon

August 18, 2014

Want to find high-quality vintage furniture without the hassle of searching through endless yard sales and busy flea markets? We’ve stumbled upon a great website that makes the whole process of finding such pieces easy and convenient. Revitaliste is a site that specializes in finding these great vintage pieces and providing them to customers for refurbishing. By doing the searching, Revitaliste provides the “bones” of a piece so that customers can re-design them in any way they wish. All of the pieces are hand-selected for their quality, and come from a

Is it us or does everything sparkle more in the summer? Let’s amp up that shimmer indoors all year round with these lovely gold details accents! 1. Mini Abacus Table Lamp ~ West Elm   /   2. Clarus Brass Display Boxes ~ Crate & Barrel   /   3. Metallic Brush Pillow ~ West Elm   /   4. Antiqued Brass Curtain Rod ~ Crate & Barrel   /   5. Rosewood Fat Brass X Leg Coffee Table ~ Room Service   /   6. Nikita Wall Art Mirror ~

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