California Cool

By: Casey Gerber

August 14, 2014

Love that iconic California lifestyle full of laid back chic and modern articulation? Let’s have some fun and explore California style  through some awesome items that give the best coast it’s oh so coveted charm.   Casual Comforts ~ Textiles The beautiful patterns of a Navajo or vintage Serape textile accents are worth heating up for. They are full of vibrant colors and a rich history of local art and craft. Pillows, textiles for upholstery and accents are available pretty regularly. We found some favorite blankets at Marfa Garza, Knibb Design and Pendleton.  Fun Indoors ~

We are swooning for the stunning variations available to adding stone accents into the home. Stone, alabaster, marble, crystals and other gorgeous geological patterns add the natural beauty of organic style with depth and patterns that are sure to wow. Here are our picks for incorporating this stunning stone trend into your space. Bold Statement: Take no reservations and bring this design to high levels with a dramatic addition such as wall paper, wall tiles or marble features that take up a grand space. It will bring this swirling beauty into the room in a stunning way.   Subtle

Do you find yourself saying, “WHAT?” a lot? Need a bit of quiet time? Whether you’re focusing on just one room or the entire house, these 5 soundproofing tips can help you (stylishly) eliminate some of that extra noise and tone down the octane a notch or so. 1. Wall Panels Wall panels are an easy way to create sturdy sound absorbers while keeping your space stylish. You can make them yourself by putting “eggcrate” foam inside the back of a canvas painting (painted by you, of course) and hang it

Inlay furniture and home accents add a beautiful traditional art form to the home in a dazzling way. Originally, this type of artisan craft consisted of placing small pieces of processed ivory, bones, bronze, or stones that were carved into certain decorative patterns into a notched wooden base. The tradition has continued with some minor changes in materials. The result is a delicate accessory that adds reflective depth and dimension to neutral pieces. Add a bit of modest sparkle with some of these great picks! 1. Indigo Geometric Inlay Frames ~ Bliss Home / 2. Bone & Mother of Pearl

We adore a stylish vanity! A perfect one looks so good that it makes the primp and prep the best part any affair. Isn’t the charm all in the accents and details? Make your vanity space shine (so you sparkle on) with one of these fun styles! 1. Gilded Age Why We Love It: This beautiful image captures the beauty and opulence of the Gilded Age. Silver tray, deco mirrors, pearls and fur capture the lady of the 1920’s. 2. The Modern Gent Why We Love It: This is a nice take on the vanity for guys who know it’s

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