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These Will Be the Most Stylish Colors for Spring 2018, According to Pantone

By: Sarah Beaumont

September 19, 2017

Image via Victoria Pearson for Nickey Kehoe

It wasn’t all pastels and neutrals walking the runways at New York Fashion Week this month. Bold, saturated, and altogether uplifting hues were everywhere. And of course, the connoisseurs of color at Pantone were the first to call out the twelve tones and four classic shades that will be hot this spring.

The Spring 2018 palette encourages a sense of fun and playful release. With an air of complexity and distinctiveness, we find ourselves in a sanctuary of color that is ideal for some more unique and dramatic color mixing,” Pantone says.

As fashion always has an influence on interior design, we can expect to see the variety of vibrant, playful shades from NYFW making their way into our homes as well as our wardrobes next season. So read on for a preview of the colorways to come!

The Spring 2018 Top 12 Color Palette

A blend of almost primary hues and highly saturated pastels brought an expansive embrace of color to the runways last week. So how do you translate that into the home? We recommend incorporating louder hues through accent art and furniture, like lighting and chairs.

“The desire for colorful self-expression is a key take away for Spring 2018,” Pantone says. “The color story is wildly divergent and we see a kaleidoscopic bounty of uplifting shades and feel-good tones. There is a feeling of optimism and confidence driving a new vitality into fashion trends.”

From rusty browns and reds to nearly fluorescent yellows, get ready to bring a lot of contrast into your space. Allow larger areas like cabinetry and rugs to pop with the new bold hues and save the rich neutrals for surfaces and sofas.

The Spring 2018 Classic Color Palette

Classic, neutral colors provide an important base in both wardrobes and the home. This spring, anchor your style with coastal-inspired hues like the sophisticated Sailor Blue, the effortless Warm Sand, a cool grey Harbor Mist, and creamy Coconut Milk.


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