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Property Feature: The Bright & Beautiful Chic Site Office

By: Sarah Beaumont

November 10, 2015

Rachel Hollis, founder and editor of popular lifestyle website, The Chic, is not afraid to speak the truth. As a mother to three boys, an author, and an ex-celebrity event planner, she has a wide range of experience both in the entrepreneurial world and in the realm of womanhood. Described as her “digital front porch,” Rachel founded The Chic with the goal of creating honest content that resonates with women and encourages them to live a creative and ultimately, ‘chic’ life.

A few months after moving into the new Chic HQ’s, Rachel felt it was time to enrich her own life by infusing personality into her then plain office. In the midst of a new season, she was far too busy to tackle the design on her own, so she enlisted Laurel & Wolf to revamp her space. Inspired by the creativity that transformed Rachel’s office, Laurel & Wolf and The Chic Site have partnered to give you the chance to refresh your space for the season with the Fall Overhaul Giveaway

Read on to see the incredible Chic office and gather inspiration for your own space!


From the start, Rachel had a clear vision in mind for her office. Inspired by the boundary-pushing designs of Kelly Wearstler and the quirky style of Jonathan Adler, she wanted her office to feel bright, playful and open — a place where fun and functionality commingle. Just in time to beat the craze of the holidays, Rachel worked with Laurel & Wolf designer Maryn Goolsby Favors to bring her vision to life. Through lots of communication and sharing of ideas via the Laurel & Wolf platform and furniture provided by purehome, the Chic office transformed into an organized and beautiful space where Rachel and her team’s creativity can flourish.


Taking advantage of the floor-to-ceiling windows, white walls, and polished concrete floors of the Chic lobby, Maryn helped Rachel create a reception area that sets the tone for the entire office. Rachel’s love of color is introduced through two tomato-toned chairs from Apt2B while a striped area rug and stylish pillows help establish an upbeat and inviting vibe that carries on throughout the space.


Rachel’s personal office is an eclectic oasis that perfectly expresses her funky spirit and vibrant tastes. A pair of schoolhouse-style chairs frame Rachel’s desk — a large, durable table that provides her with plenty of space to exercise her creativity. The pristine area is dominated by an oversized print of a bull, which just so happens to be her favorite piece in the new space — “You know the rest of the office is going to be a little irreverent if that’s the first thing you see.


The opposite side of the room, which functions as a comfortable seating area for staff meetings, incorporates all facets of Rachel’s wide-ranging style. An electric blue sofa topped with vibrant pillows faces a rattan coffee table, and a bold, striped rug highlights Rachel’s penchant for blending colors and textures. The gallery wall above the sofa displays a mix of deeply personal mementos — framed prints, birthday gifts, drawings from Rachel’s kids — and clipboards, so that Rachel can easily swap images for whatever is inspiring her next.


Like any parent with an engaging career and active lifestyle, a clean and organized space is necessary for working efficiently. Rachel loves that “the new office has plenty of storage that’s functional as well as pretty,” such as the ample shelving that provides space for her book collection, family pictures, and decorative accessories. Despite its functionality, the office reflects more than just the organized side of her personality. Rachel’s eccentric nature is highlighted by pieces like the unusual black and gold bird lamp that sits beside the sofa.


Rachel’s new office is just as straightforward as her writing — it’s an unabashed, honest reflection of herself. The Chic office is neither high-strung and overly practical nor is it all partying and laughs — it’s a healthy mix of both, which is exactly what Rachel advocates on her site.

When we asked Rachel how she gets her design on, she replied with a wink and a smile, “one leg at a time.” The new office flawlessly reflects this motto, her personal style, and quirky sense of humor  — “it’s flea market, garage sale, high end and family heirloom all mixed together. It’s bright and colorful and it marches to the beat of its own drum — just like me.”

How do you get your design on? Maybe it’s a set of vintage chairs that inspire your whole space or maybe cooking a meal for friends helps you feel in charge of your home. Whatever it may be, now is your chance to bring your personality to life in your space with The Fall Overhaul Giveaway. Enter to win a Laurel & Wolf Classic Design Package worth $299, $1500 towards furniture from Apt2B and $750 towards art from Minted.

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