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How to Register for All the Right Things

By: Mariam Makatsaria

March 23, 2018

In the midst of your wedding planning extravaganza—creating a budget, drafting and sending invitations, settling on a venue and everything from napkins to flowers—your wedding registry might not get the attention it deserves.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to waste time prowling a store with a hand-held scanner anymore. In fact, don’t fret if you can’t stick to a single store. Websites like Amazon and apps like Zola allow you to pick and choose from all the essential brands you’ll need for your new digs, and most of our recommended products can be found and scooped up there or straight from Laurel & Wolf, at even better prices!

For All Your Cooking Rituals

Kitchen appliances and tools get the most love when assembling a wedding registry, and understandably so. Guests can find valuable items at a variety of price points that make them feel comfortable. Even a small, nifty gift, like an oven mitt, can make things a whole lot more convenient in the kitchen.

One of the most versatile cookware items, the Le Creuset Dutch Oven should top your registry checklist. Why? It’s perfect for cooking just about anything—soups, stews, sauces and even braising meat. Not to mention, it lasts a lifetime (No, seriously. It has a lifetime warranty). A good, sturdy set of knives comes in at a close second.

A stand mixer also makes life in the kitchen a cinch, and KitchenAid has been churning out equipment that truly stands the test of time. Not to mention, the mixer comes in a spectrum of cute colors, including millennial pink and mint green.

Aside from big-ticket items, think of smaller, but-just-as-handy items you might need— a set of multi-piece storage jars, oven mitts or a kitchen-tool set, which thoughtfully groups together the basics like measuring cups and slotted turners, but also the not-so-basics, like a bamboo salad spoon and fork. Lastly, if you feel like throwing out your old tableware and starting anew, this 12-piece tableware set should work as a stylish replacement.

Optional: peeler, can opener, grater, tongs, ice cream scoop or snag this 10-piece set which covers all these items in one fell swoop.

How to Register for All the Right Things

Left: KitchenAid stand mixer in mint green, photo credit: Thesunnysideupblog.com | Right: KitchenAid stand mixer in white, photo credit: Abeautifulmess.com

For Your Morning Coffee and Evening Tea

This portion of the registry largely depends on how you and your partner like your coffee—or if you like coffee at all, in which case, feel free to skip this section. You don’t have to be a coffee snob to appreciate the value of a good grinder. When it comes to the actual coffee-making part, choose between a pour-over setup, a kettle and a French press, a stovetop Moka or Turkish coffee pot, or a hipster-approved siphon coffee maker. For a fast and easy coffee fix, Keurig’s brewing system should do the trick.

Optional: coffee spoon, milk frother, tea storage box and tea infuser.

How to Register for All the Right Things

Left: Bodum french press, photo credit: Worldmarket.com | Right: KitchenAid Coffee Grinder in black, photo credit: blog.kitchenaid.com

For a Good Night’s Sleep

Bedding and linens are often overlooked but trust us—after a long, hard day of moving in and unwrapping these gifts, slipping into a cloud-like bed will be nothing short of satisfying. Add a few sets of bedding to your list, two for each bed in the house (because, well, laundry day). (Here’s our guide to picking out the perfect bedding if you’re still wavering between Egyptian cotton and flannel). Another crucial ingredient: a warm and toasty down alternative comforter for winter, and a more lightweight version for those hot summer days. Don’t forget your washable duvet covers and matching shams.

Optional: table lamps, closet storage baskets, a makeup stand, and an accessory tree or jewelry chest to grace the top of your dresser.

How to Register for All the Right Things

Morocco Linen Indigo Bedding design by Pine Cone Hill, photo credit: Burkedecor.com | Tosca Accessory Tree by Yamazaki, photo credit: Amazon.com

For a Swoon-Worthy Living Room

The living room is where you’ll be spending most of your waking time at home. It’s also the first thing your neighbors and friends will see when they come over for a shindig. In other words, this is where you get to show off your decorating prowess. Whether you’re a mid-century modern kind of couple or have a knack for country decor, building your living room’s design from scratch can be a little daunting. Our easy and affordable design packages are a great place to get started!

Optional: decorative vases, a large indoor plant (preferably low-light, low-maintenance plants like a fiddle-leaf fig or a money tree) and candles and candle holders.

How to Register for All the Right Things

For Your At-Home Cocktail Hour

It almost goes without saying that your home bar should be stocked with more than just liquor. Hit nine birds with one stone and get your essential tools in one gift, like this handy set, which includes a double jigger, a strainer, ice tongs and more. Make sure you have appropriate glassware at the ready—wine glasses, martini glasses and the like—which will make up for that one time you served margaritas in solo cups back in college. Not to mention, it shows your guests that you’re always prepared to host and entertain.

How to Register for All the Right Things

via One Kings Lane / Architectural Digest

For Your Work/Study Nook

The home office is often overlooked when assembling gifts for a wedding registry. But the truth is, more and more people are forgoing a commute to the office for a chance to make their living remotely. And even if you are not a telecommuter, having a workspace where you can catch up on a personal research project, file taxes, pay bills or pursue that online language class you’ve always wanted to take, is important to every household. The key elements of a functional workspace are good lighting and a clever organization system, so a desk lamp, expandable drawer organizers, a divided file-slash-letter organizer and a storage box for your stationery are a few things to toss into the mix.

How to Register for All the Right Things

Left: Modern Sienna Desk Lamp, photo credit: Zurifurniture.com | Right: Expandable drawer organizer by Yamazaki, photo credit: Burkedecor.com


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