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How to Reorganize Your Pantry to Eat Better

By: Casey Gerber

January 10, 2017

Post sponsored by Bed, Bath & Beyond

If you’re among the 21.4% of people whose new years resolution is to eat healthier and lose weight, then you may want to take a peek at your pantry. Since studies show that the best way to stick to any resolution is to start small, cleaning out your kitchen cabinets is the perfect place to start.

We tapped nutritionist Kristie Moore to get some advice on healthy eating habits and then applied them to this pantry makeover with product from our go-to organization gurus Bed, Bath & Beyond. Read on for the tips that will make keeping your get-fit resolutions as easy as pie, er, apples and oranges.

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The Before & After:

A messy, overfilled food pantry is given a fresh, clean look. A colorful bohemian rug is added to give dimension to the small space.

Tip #1: Small Changes Mean Big Rewards 

According to Kristie, it pays to narrow the focus of your goal. While getting healthy is always a good idea, she recommends “Focusing on one or two nutrition goals, like eating breakfast every day, including more fruits and vegetables, or preparing more meals at home,” rather than trying to accomplish too much at one time.

Tip #2: Separate Your Food Groups 

“Creating an organized and healthy home environment is the first step in lifestyle change,” says Kristie. So, once you’ve stocked your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator with healthy ingredients and cooking staples, consider grouping them together to avoid having to search for what you need while you’re busy cooking.

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Tip #3: Put the Good Stuff Front and Center  

Make sure to keep your food pantry clean and organized by storing the appropriate foods into glass or plastic containers.

Keeping healthy foods front and center will make you more likely to eat them. Put healthy grains and snacks at eye level and transfer them from their original packaging to glass or clear containers for visibility. Opting for your own containers will create a more cohesive and organized look, while allowing you to make space for other clean-eating necessities.

Tip #4: Get Out That Label-Maker 

Plastic containers with labels are sure to keep your food pantry organized and clean.

According to Kristie, “If your kitchen is organized and you can visually see what you have, you are more likely to use it.” That’s where labelling comes in! Just like any functional space, it’s important for your items to have a designated place so that you know when it’s time to stock up.

Tip #5: Turn On The Light

Pantries and cabinets are usually the last places we think of when investing in lighting. But if you really want to eat healthy, being able to navigate the black hole that is your kitchen cabinets is essential. We recommend stylish pendant lighting for walk-in pantries, and strip lights or puck lights for under the cabinets.

Tip #6: Hide Your Temptations

Out of sight, out of mind. That should be your mantra with tempting snacks like cookies, chips and other no-nos. If you have to have them in the house, hide them on the highest shelf in opaque containers like a lined basket or box. If you have to climb onto the step stool to get it, you’ll be less likely to mindlessly binge on it.

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