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Room Makeover: A Bridal Salon So Chic, We Want to Marry It

By: Casey Gerber

November 10, 2016

Anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid knows that standing by your best friend’s side usually comes with a hefty price tag. According to researchers, the average bridesmaid can expect to spend $1,695 between the bachelorette party, bridal shower, gifts, travel, and the often not-so-stylish dress. And if you have to throw down a cool couple hundred on a gown, you better hope that it’s something you could see yourself wearing on more than one occasion. This is where innovative dress rental service, Vow To Be Chic, comes to the rescue.



Aside from being the online destination for bridesmaid dress rentals, the company also now has a super chic showroom thanks to interior designer Ashley Bussell. Located in sunny Santa Monica, Vow To Be Chic wanted their compact 200 square-foot retail location to feel stylish, unabashedly girly and welcoming.


Bussell softened the more lofty industrial vibe of the space with a muted palette of cream and blush, then layered on glam materials like lucite, metallics and velvet. A glam sitting area fronts the dressing rooms and offers a great place for brides to bond with their buds.



On the walls are photographs of past bridesmaids that have used the service. But the centerpiece of the room is always the dress. And with a space this special to try them on in, it’s easy to say yes!

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