Room Recipe: How to Create the Coziest Bed for Winter

By: Sarah Beaumont

January 27, 2017

It’s getting to be that time of year again. The time when panic sets in that we will never again feel the sun on our face, that those bone-chilling winds will keep blowing and we’ll have to permanently reside in our puffy coats forevermore.

But the sun will return (we promise!). So in the meantime, we’re going to embrace the year’s hottest new trend, hygge, and make the best of the wintry weather by getting cozy at home. This is our recipe for making your bed as snuggly as can be.

1. Start with flannel sheets.

If you grew up in a cold climate, you probably remember those freezing days when your mom made you wear long underwear beneath your clothes. Staying warm starts at the base, so your bed needs its own kind of long underwear. Not only are flannel sheets just as soft as your favorite pj’s, but their fibers trap heat, leaving you warm and cozy all night long.

2. Add a quilt.

The next piece of bedding to add is a comfortable quilt. Tuck it over and around your flannel topsheet with the sheet folded over the quilt. This just provides an extra layer of warmth, so the quilt doesn’t need to be too heavy.

3. Keep a blanket bedside.

Having an extra blanket right next to your bed comes in handy for those nights that you suddenly wake up shivering. Or if you’re not quite ready to get under the covers, just wrap yourself up in your bedside blanket.

4. Layer the room with faux hides.

Soft and luxurious, there’s no denying the warmth of fur — even if it is faux. Layer your space in a variety of cow hides and sheepskins for an added dose of texture and lusciousness.

5. Pile on the pillows.

The recipe for a perfect pillow pile? Two euro shams, two standard-sized pillows and as many decorative throw pillows as your bed can handle.

6. Add a linen duvet.

Your duvet should be the heaviest blanket on your bed, but the material of the duvet cover makes a difference. Linen is great because it’s both breathable and adaptable. It adjusts to your body’s natural temperature, so if you’re cold it’s warm and if you’re hot it’s cool. We recommend using a down comforter as your duvet insert for the warmest sleep.

7. Pile on more faux fur.

You can never really have too much in the wintertime.

8. Top it off with a bulky throw.

A textured bed is a warm bed. A bulky, knit throw adds a little material difference to your bed spread and is perfect for creating that cozy winter spirit.

9. Snuggle up!

Need we say more?

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