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Simple Ways to Revamp Your Kitchen

By: Casey Gerber

August 11, 2015

Between cooking, cleaning, eating meals, late night snacking, and oftentimes catching up on work or bills, the kitchen is likely one of the rooms in our homes that we spend the most time in — and if that’s so, shouldn’t it also be one of the prettiest rooms?

We’re big fans of food so the kitchen is definitely one of our favorite spaces and we’re all about making it both beautiful and functional. If your kitchen is looking a little more drab than ‘Master Chef’ use these simple tips to transform it into a space that will make you want to quit your day job and become the next Bobby Flay.

1. Coat your kitchen with fresh paint colors.


via HGTV

Whether you paint a wall, coat your cabinets with a new shade or even add color to your island, a fresh layer of paint can give your kitchen a major update and make it feel like a brand new space.

2. Make it bright and beautiful.

New lighting

via Tobi Fairley Interiors

Changing up your kitchen lighting situation can make a huge difference. If you’re currently working with harsh fluorescents and outdated lighting fixtures, chances are your kitchen isn’t the most pleasant place to cook. We recommend swapping out the old for a set of luxe chrome pendant lights, which look especially great hanging over an island.

3. Add extra shelving. 


via Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

If you have such limited counter and cabinet space your spices and glassware barely have room to breathe, it’s time to add some shelving. Floating shelves that sit high above the counters provide lots of extra space, make your kitchen look streamlined and clean, and allow you to display your brilliant collection of dishware.

4. Out with the old chairs, in with the new.

New chairs

via Ken Lintsteadt Architects

Sometimes all that’s holding your kitchen back are those semi-broken Ikea chairs you purchased for your first apartment. If you have a breakfast nook or eating area within your kitchen, simply replacing the chairs for an updated set can transform the whole space. Opt for chairs that make a statement but also fit with lots of different design styles, like a set of stylish Lucite chairs.

5. Add a little island magic.


via Crosley Furniture

If you don’t have a built-in already, a free-standing island can take your kitchen decor up more than just a few notches. It’s the perfect storage solution for large bowls, cutting boards, and hand towels and they make a great statement piece in a kitchen that feels a little bare.

6. Say hello to new hardware.

New hardware

via HGTV

Simply replacing cabinet handles and hardware can make your kitchen gleam. Toss loose or aging hardware away and replace with shiny brass knobs, chrome, or gold plated handles for a look that’s as glossy as the pages of an Elle Decor.

7. Update your dishware. 

via HGTV

via HGTV

If you have open cabinets or shelving, you’re pretty much putting your plates on display, which means it’s time for a set that you can be proud of. Matching dishware with at least six per set is the way to go — so you might have to say goodbye to your old sorority tumblers from college (or at least stash them out of sight).

8. Add a pop of color and texture with a rug.


via High Glass Magazine

Go ahead and make your kitchen just as comfortable as your living room. Add a little eclecticism with colorful patterned pillows and toss an oriental rug onto the tiles for a look that’s bright, fun, and far from basic.

9. Replace plumbing fixtures.

via HGTV

via HGTV

Is your sink faucet looking a little outdated? Replace it with something sleek and modern to add an instant touch of luxe to your kitchen. Plumbing fixtures can become gross with water damage and rust over time, so simply replacing old fixtures might be all your kitchen needs to feel fresh and new again.

10. Clean up clutter.

Drawer Organizer

via IKEA

Can’t find the wine opener? Has the cheese grater gone missing again? If you feel overwhelmed every time you open a kitchen drawer it’s time for a drawer organizer. This way you can separate and categorize your kitchenware, find things easily, and whenever you slide a drawer open you’ll feel a little pride over how neat and organized your drawers look.

11. Store food in glass containers for optimal neatness and health.

Small Pantry

via Fotolia

Who knew that storing food in glass jars has health benefits? Okay, maybe not if you’re keeping M&M’s and Starburst in those jars but if you buy things like nuts, beans and flour in bulk rather than packages, chances are it has less additives, typically comes all natural or organic, and is easier to portion. Plus, a collection of glass containers look real nice neatly arranged on kitchen shelves.

12. Treat your windows to a window treatment. 

Roman shade

via IKEA

Adding a window treatment to your kitchen window can liven up the whole space in an instant. A roller shade is perfect for the kitchen because it rolls up and down easily and allows for lots of natural light. Window treatments are also an excellent way to add a pop of color to your kitchen decor.

Now that you’re sufficiently inspired to revamp your kitchen, head over to Laurel & Wolf to get the finishing touches put on by an interior designer!

xoxo, Laurel & Wolf

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