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Sound Design ~ Great Ways to Soundproof a Room

By: Clara Lemon

August 5, 2014

Do you find yourself saying, “WHAT?” a lot? Need a bit of quiet time? Whether you’re focusing on just one room or the entire house, these 5 soundproofing tips can help you (stylishly) eliminate some of that extra noise and tone down the octane a notch or so.

1. Wall Panels


Wall panels are an easy way to create sturdy sound absorbers while keeping your space stylish. You can make them yourself by putting “eggcrate” foam inside the back of a canvas painting (painted by you, of course) and hang it on your wall. Hang several in a row for extra coverage.


2.  Cush Rugs


Sound tends to bounce off of floors onto the walls, windows, and ceilings, so what better place to start than with some cozy rugs? Rugs can easily soak up sound, and come in all sizes and textures giving you plenty of options for your space.


3. Wall Tapestries


Hanging tapestries from the wall can give your space an instant makeover-without using any paint. It helps to dampen extra noise, and can be switched out with a new pattern at any time!


4. Cork Boards


Cork boards can be paneled along the wall in small squares, or can take up the length of an entire wall, depending on your needs. They not only help to absorb sound, but they are great for pinning pictures, notes and other items to your wall for decoration.


5. Window Coverings


Curtains prevent sound from bouncing off of windows and escaping the room. Hang two layers for extra effect-use sheer fabric for the inner layer to let the light in, and include a thicker top curtain for pattern and color.


6. Room Panels

Abstracta-Stitch Sound Panel


Sound panel dividers are an amazing way to create privacy and absorb noise. Perfect for an office or anywhere where a little zen is required. This type of item can be created with a simple fabric pattern on a room divider or go to the source of this Stitch design to skip the DIY.

We hope these tips help to make your space a little more peaceful!




Laurel & Wolf

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