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Where to Splurge and Where to Save in the Bathroom

By: Charlotte Beach

April 5, 2017

via Design Trends

Not every house has a library or a breakfast nook, but there is one universal room we all have no matter our style or budget: a bathroom. Bathrooms are the great equalizer, and like it or not, we spend a large chunk of time in them. Remember, you deserve to love every inch of your homes, even the less glamorous parts!

Alas, we understand that when it comes to designing a bathroom, you can end up racking up a hefty bill, depleting funds you’d rather spend elsewhere. So we consulted our cohort of designers to see where you can save and where you should splurge when planning out your powder room.

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Focus On Function 

In matters of bathroom design budgets, James Tabb has one steadfast guideline: “Splurge on the utilitarian aspects of the bathroom and save on the decorative components.” A bathroom’s functionality should always take the front seat, so make sure to “invest in a good toilet and a good shower head,” he says. After all, what’s the point of an expensive mirror if the toilet beneath it is always clogging?

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Dial Back the Tile 

While elaborate tile designs and luxurious materials can inject a bathroom with sleek style, scaling back on your tile selection is a great place to save some dough. Sharon Copeland says that tile materials like porcelain or ceramic are good alternatives to their pricier brethren like marble or limestone. She also insists that you can still achieve a fun, eye-catching tile design on the cheap. She says, “there are so many ways to configure tile to make a statement!”

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Know What’s Below

There are different levels of a bathroom revamp, ranging from the minor changing of the bathroom mat and hand towels, to a giant overhaul involving new construction. If you’re embarking on a mission on the latter end of that spectrum, Amanda Dixon advises to “keep the plumbing in the same locations, or at least close, and you won’t need to tear up the whole sub-flooring.”

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Reign in Your Vanity

We could all use a vanity check every now and then. Both James and Taylor Anderson agree that it’s possible to find cheap yet chic vanities. Taylor says, “You can find great freestanding vanities for over half the price of a custom built-in.”

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