Spring Cleaning: How to Rid Your Home of Negative Energy

By: Sarah Beaumont

March 8, 2017

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You’ve scrubbed the floors so hard, they sparkle. Every nook and cranny has been swept free of dust and cobwebs. You’ve decluttered and have a giant bag of stuff ready for Goodwill. So why does your home still feel gloomy?

Spring is the perfect time to start fresh by cleansing your home from top to bottom — energy included. Follow these mood-boosting tips and feng shui secrets to banish bad vibes and get those good ones flowing.

Air it out. Open your doors and windows and allow the fresh air to circulate through your home. Traditional feng shui practice recommends opening all East-facing windows so that the sun will enter and brighten each room. Take your blankets and pillows outside and give them a quick shake to fill them with that fresh spring air.

Scent your home with sage. This Native American technique is thought to rid the home of negative energy that’s entered through stress, arguments or been left behind by previous owners. To cleanse, light the sage and blow out the flame, allowing the smoke to float around the house. Start at the front door and wave the sage around each room in a clockwise direction. Think of the smoke as the fresh intentions you have for a new season.

Stick with neutrals. Dark colors are great for adding rich personality to a space but too much darkness can make your home feel cramped and negative. Combat that by using mostly neutral tones and complementing them with a few well-balanced, darker shades. Neutrals are mind-cleansing, soothing, and help create the illusion of more space.

Spring Cleaning: How to Rid Your Home of Negative Energy, Laurel & Wolf,

via C Home

Eliminate or repair broken things. When you keep broken items around the house, the energy in your space will feel as stuck as those unrepaired things. Either get to it and fix the item or get rid of it once and for all.

Cleanse with crystals. Not only are they pretty, but crystals are also said to possess healing and protective powers. Just make sure to choose the type of stone that suits your needs. For example, rose quartz is known to replace negative emotions with positive ones while amethyst works wonders on ailments like insomnia. Place it on a nightstand for a little boost in good zzz’s.

Spring Cleaning: How to Rid Your Home of Negative Energy, Laurel & Wolf,

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Refresh with essential oils & incense. Citrus essential oils are a known mood-lifter. Whether lemony fresh or a sunny orange, these scents help clear negative energy and make you feel happier. Try lighting incense at night in calming scents like lavender or nag champa to create a serene atmosphere.

Incorporate warm tones. Color is a crucial piece of the home design puzzle. But certain shades have different effects on the energy in your space. Bright, warm tones are said to neutralize negativity and boost your mood. Plus, they have the ability to make a room seem bigger. Try painting an accent wall sunny yellow for a happier disposition and enlargening effects.

Get reflective. Mirrors are a major source of chi (positive energy). To add more positivity to your space, just add mirrors! But opt for rounded frames as having too many sharp edges creates stiff and stagnant energy in the home.

Set intentions. After cleansing your space, try to visualize it as a bright, inviting atmosphere filled with good vibes and positive energy. Imagine that energy flowing through it and set intentions for how you want to use each area and how you want to feel when you’re at home.

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