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All Successful People Have These 5 Things At Home

By: Sarah Beaumont

August 17, 2017

Success can’t be measured, and it certainly can’t be guaranteed. But there is one thing that successful people seem to have in common: their habits. We’re not necessarily talking about what time they wake up in the morning or what they eat for breakfast. The truth is, successful individuals tend to have certain tools at home that promote a productive lifestyle. So what can you do to move forward on your path towards success? Designing your home with your goals in mind is a great place to start. Read on for the five things that help drive success at home.

1. A Bedroom That Encourages Quality Sleep

It’s no big secret that catching zzz’s leads to a clearer mind, which in turn leads to a more productive lifestyle. But did you know that your bedroom can make or break your quality of sleep even if you’re clocking eight hours under the covers? Doctors say that the average adult needs 7-9 hours a night to stay in good health. But this means good sleep — those nights you spend tossing and turning don’t cut it. Redesigning your bedroom to promote a positive sleep schedule can help. Start by keeping it clean, using proper lighting, and regulating your room’s temperature. If you want to go more in depth, consider changing up the color scheme and layout of your room. According to feng shui practices, these simple changes can make a huge difference.

2. A Screen-Free Space for Creativity

This contemporary living room with botanical accents, a unique chair, and wooden table makes for a relaxed office space.

Statistic time: On average, we stare at screens 45 out of every 60 minutes per day. Wow, right? Successful people are usually no different, but what sets them apart is that they often have a hobby outside of work that helps them strike a balance between their business passions and personal ones. Whether you’re a painter or a gardener, it’s important to find something you like that doesn’t involve a screen. If you can do it at home, that’s even better. Place an easel in a corner, create an at-home herb garden, or set up a serene area where you can meditate and practice yoga. No matter what your hobby may be, we recommend carving out a space in your home — even if it’s a tiny one — that’s screen-free and allows you to focus your energies on a creative pursuit or an enlightening passion.

3. A Workspace Optimized for Productivity

A wall made of distressed wood is adorned with a photograph of a glamorous dinner table. Tall or small, vases make chic storage options for fresh flowers and pencils.

Even if you work in an office, a restaurant or some other establishment, it’s not a bad idea to have a separate workspace at home. When highly successful people work from home, it’s usually in a designated spot separate from the rest of their space. If you don’t have room for an office, organize an area that’s distraction-free and stocked with all of your work essentials. Even a standing desk at the dining room table is better than nothing.

That’s the other thing — there are great benefits in a versatile work space. Sitting all day is known to cause health problems while on the contrary, an active body leads to a sharper mind and higher productivity. Consider swapping your regular desk for one that stands upright or change out your chair for one with better ergonomic support.

4. A Kitchen That Supports Healthy Living

In this modern, all white kitchen, a wooden floating shelf, stone floor tiles, wall sconces, and bar stools stand out.

Open your fridge. What do you see? Is it stocked with ingredients for nutritious meals or is it filled with beer and junk food? The first step to a healthy kitchen is cleaning out the fridge. Next, consider your layout. Everyone knows that home-cooked meals are healthier, so optimizing your space for cooking is important. Though a large kitchen with plenty of counter space is ideal, it’s not completely necessary. Other than replacing bad foods with good ones, try turning your kitchen into a room you actually want to spend time in. Organize it, clean often, add plants, art, and other comforting items. This will help encourage you to commit more time and energy to healthy eating.

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5. Visual Motivation & Inspiration

Your home should be a reflection of all things you, your interests, passions, and inspirations. Visual motivation can go a long way, so when you surround yourself with objects you like or things you find inspiring, you become more in tune with yourself. For example, displaying a white board or cork board that lists your accomplishments and goals can help you track and stay on top of them. In terms of design, discover your personal style if you haven’t already. Keep your space comfortable and homey by filling it with art, books, scents, and sounds that make you feel good. Your surroundings have a large effect on how you operate in the world and can help improve your overall outlook on life.


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