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Summer Bucket List: Glamp in Your Own Backyard

By: colleen clark

July 20, 2016

There’s no better way to embrace the great outdoors than to sleep there. But you’ve gotta contend with finding a campsite, schlepping your gear, cooking your chow. If you want nature with a side of creature comforts, we’d suggest sticking close to home, like really close to home. For today’s installment of our Summer Bucket List, we put together this guide to glamping in your own backyard!

Video: See our glamping set-up come to life!

Pitch a tent (or a teepee! Or a yurt!)

The more comfortable the structure, the more you’ll use it. Consider putting up a safari style tent, which can double as an outdoor fort and provide a shady spot for meals and afternoon lounging all summer long. Yurts and teepees can serve the same purpose.

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Trade your sleeping bag for an air mattress

There’s no reason to rough it when your linen closet is just a few steps away. Put down wooden pallets to add some height (they’re often free outside gardening and hardware stores), add a tarp to protect your mattress, then top with an air mattress, sheets, duvet and comfy pillows.


Repurpose indoor furniture outside

Grab a chair or two, an easy-to-move bedside table or stack up some old suitcases to make it feel more like your own private hotel room than a traditional tent. You’ll need a place to put your wine and ‘smores platter after all.

Add lighting

Camping lanterns add a soft glow or consider hanging a battery-powered paper lantern if you’re planning to leave the tent up for awhile. Otherwise, rely on the good ol’ standbys: Flashlights and a campfire (at a safe distance from the tent of course!).


Dine around the campfire

Food just tastes better when cooked over an open fire. Roast some hot dogs, wrap some crescent roll dough around a stick for quick bread and of course make some ‘smores.

Happy camping!

Design by James Tabb

Photos by Dustin Walker

Video by Jaime Morgan Munoz


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