There is a certain amount of magic that goes into the design experience at Laurel & Wolf. Our designers are experts at taking your photos, inspiration and room goals and bringing them to life. So, how, exactly, do they do it? We recently recreated the design experience, IRL, on the set of our latest commercial with our founder and CEO Leura Fine, who also happens to be an experienced interior designer. Who better to show how it works? Leura combined unexpected color combos to create a chic and comfy living

Break out your bold rugs, eclectic collectibles and ornate pillows because maximalism is back in a big way. Now is the time to take this fearless, no-rules design moment head on and add all the things you love to your space. Partial to pattern mixing? No problem. Love the drama of color clashing? Bring it on!  From embracing bold hues to adorning every inch of your home with pieces that fill you with joy, read on for five ways you can max out your space! Play with Color A true

You might think Kelsea Ballerini is just another adorable pop-country star, but you’d be wrong. Through her music, Kelsea inspires her fans to live without fear of emotion and to grow from the challenges that they face. When she was just thirteen, Kelsea found her passion: to define her voice and encourage others to do the same. Now, nearly ten years later, Kelsea has built an amazing life and career, and wanted her “first adult, grown up, awesome place” to reflect that spirit. Laurel & Wolf, in partnership with Wayfair, curated a collection

Drew Zinn is one of our most loved Laurel & Wolf designers (it may or may not have something to do with the handmade Christmas card he made us…) Drew is based in Nebraska, and he graciously hopped on the phone with us to talk all things design, DIY, and Laurel & Wolf. Philosophy: Design is art with purpose, a construct of functional expression which seeks to improve quality of space, life, environment and personal well being and communication, bridging between physical realities and intangible ideas. ​ ​ Services Offered: Floor and Space Planning,

Easy to find, affordable, and fun, paint is a far underutilized opportunity to bring personality and depth to your space. When it comes to choosing paint colors, most people shy away from bold colors and select neutrals out of fear. I say that it is time to move past boring beige walls! The wonderful thing about paint is that you can change it with minimal effort and little cost. On another note,wallpaper has made a comeback in a huge way and it has homeowners craving that delicious pop of color

A Love Affair with Emerald Green

By: Casey Gerber

September 8, 2014

For the Love of Emerald….visions of emerald dancing through your head too? Its deep rich boldness taunts us begging for an opportunity to shine. Interior designers and homeowners alike seem to be searching for ways to incorporate this timeless, luscious and soothing color into their spaces.  It simply can not be denied that this color, which is also known as being the most restful to the human eye, is smooth, sexy, and sumptuous. What else could you possibly be looking for? The question that lies in front of us is how do we make