Design trends (like everything else right now) are, in large part, driven by social media. Is your wall Insta-worthy? Is your living room Pinnable? What’s the new millennial pink? We needed answers, so we asked our resident design guru, Lori Evans, about what to expect going into the new year. Check out her design predictions for 2018. 1. Be Bold What’s an Instagram feed without generous splashes of color? She suggested adding bold colors and pattern-on-pattern mixing to your room, stat. “Thanks to Instagram, people want to post what they’ve done to

You might think Kelsea Ballerini is just another adorable pop-country star, but you’d be wrong. Through her music, Kelsea inspires her fans to live without fear of emotion and to grow from the challenges that they face. When she was just thirteen, Kelsea found her passion: to define her voice and encourage others to do the same. Now, nearly ten years later, Kelsea has built an amazing life and career, and wanted her “first adult, grown up, awesome place” to reflect that spirit. Laurel & Wolf, in partnership with Wayfair, curated a collection

Tux Luxe

By: Casey Gerber

January 7, 2015

Nothing screams timeless like a black and white room. The powerful color combo of black and white not only defines the architecture in a room but provides a basis for other color palettes to build upon. Play with different stripes, patterns and textures to set the mood. And voila! You now have a classic black and white interior. Check out some of our favorite black and white pieces on the market this season! We chose an architectural bed that defined the room, velvet drapes to add a touch of elegance, a

We heart!

By: Casey Gerber

October 5, 2014

Loving this article from TODAY that focuses on reining in the back to school madness via tips from Laurel & Wolf! Check out all the tips on getting the house in Back to School Shape! Happy organizing! #GetYourDesignOn xo, Laurel & Wolf  

Yes, Pure Wow!!

By: Casey Gerber

October 4, 2014

Need the designer touch? Well, this is what you’re looking for! Check out Laurel & Wolf Designer tips on Pure Wow! Love our designers and their 10 ways to upgrade your home like a decorator tips! Thanks Pure Wow for the howling review!! #GetYourDesignOn xo, Laurel & Wolf