Kitchen makeovers are notoriously pricey and so overwhelming that many skip them altogether. From cabinets to flooring to backsplashes, it can be hard to know where to begin! That’s where Laurel & Wolf comes in. Our interior designers know exactly how to transform a space on a budget. So, when our friends at Good Morning America called us recently, to see if we could quickly remodel the outdated kitchen of one of their viewers, we got to work. See the results here! As you can see, we got a lot

If you’re like us, then you’ve been counting down the days to the newest season of Mad Men. Since episode one, we’ve been swooning over the mid-century set design that production designer Dan Bishop and set decorator Amy Wells magnificently created. DON DRAPER’S LIVING ROOM Don Draper’s sprawling, high rise space is truly a time capsule from the world of 1960’s New York. It satisfies all of our mid-century fantasies of cultured, sexy and cosmopolitan with layers of texture and color. The mid-century modern aesthetic is easily achievable with these Mad Men-inspired furnishings. Form and function

We’ve been obsessing over celebrity chef Bobby Flay’s kitchen for quite some time. It’s elegant, bold and a gorgeous backdrop for home cooking. We put together a list of the top ten must-haves for getting your kitchen to look Food Network worthy. BOBBY FLAY’S KITCHEN OUR STYLE BOARD RECOMMENDATIONS This distinct La Cornue stove makes a statement with a blue finish and polished brass accents. A red clay pot designed in Oaxaca is not only a superb cooking tool but a colorful addition to any table as a centerpiece. Industrial designs have been making a comeback.

After a brief hiatus, Scandal is back on the air tonight! Yes, we love the drama. We love the white pantsuits. We love Olivia Pope’s giant wine glasses. But mostly, we LOVE the interior of Olivia’s apartment. Classic, elegant and transitional in style, the neutral palate and clean lines create an inviting and comforting space for Olivia to chill while she’s not saving the world. More traditional design pieces like the sofa and coffee table evoke a classic East Coast style, and paired with more transitional pieces like a wire moroccan console and

So you’re now all grown up and college and you are about to have you own first space (or one shared by a roommate or 4). Everyone tells you the must haves and that dorm rooms should be efficient….yeah, yeah, yeah, study, study, study! They should also be fun and reflect who you are! Check out this fun room and how to get the look:   1. Pom Pom Curtains – Rosenberry Rooms   /   2. Louis Armstrong Told Us So World Map – Society 6   /   3.  Be You…Art, Framed Meh,

Dorm Room Fab!

By: Casey Gerber

September 15, 2014

Remember, the old days? We don’t either but the story is the same. Girl goes to new school away from home and gets the opportunity to decorate her dorm room exactly as she wants! Finally, a chance to make sure your space is grown up and totally reflects your style. Check out these inspiring images of rooms with a lot of personality!   Quirky Bohemian with Artsy Flair   Flower Child Reincarnate    Romantic Wall Flower   Colorful Free Spirit   Local Native   Eclectic Dreamer  Bold Visionary Comforted Realist Have fun decorating