Today, we’re introducing a new series, called Meet our Client. This is the spot where you’ll hear the real stories behind some of our favorite home redesigns! First up, meet Alex Levine, a Kansas City native who has redesigned her entire home using Laurel & Wolf. Take a look at the renovation of her master bedroom! What brought you to Laurel & Wolf? “Google–and trial and error. I tried a couple of competitive sites, but they didn’t deliver what I needed or get my style like L&W designers. I am

Whether you moved into a small studio close to your parents or relocated to the city of your dreams, living on your own can be intimidating. As soon as you sign your name on the dotted line of your lease or mortgage (eek!), an inescapable weight of responsibility can set it. But before you lose your cool and panic sets in, remember: a home of your own is a real moment to celebrate! So, pop the Champagne and congratulate yourself on this major accomplishment. To make this transition a little

We all need a makeover now and then. Which brings us to GlamSquad, a fabulous salon in Los Angeles. Check out how Laurel and Wolf designer Lucinda Pace transformed their new space! BEFORE: Laurel & Wolf: You completely transformed this space – it looks like a different salon! You basically started from scratch with this location, was that a challenge? Lucinda Pace: The budget for GlamSquad was a total of $5k for both spaces. Luckily GlamSquad already had the salon chairs, but it was still a challenge to completely outfit the salon for under $5k! AFTER L

Laurel & Wolf completed this beautiful nursery makeover for a growing family! With a budget of $1,000, our designers faced a true challenge to whip this room into shape. Luckily, the family had an extra crib and dresser in their house that made their way into the final designs. See how Laurel & Wolf turned this nursery from messy and pink to sleek and chic in hues of blue and grey. BEFORE WINNING STYLE BOARD AFTER How incredible is this makeover? An updated nursery is one of the best things you can do

What do you do when you have two daughters sharing a bedroom cluttered with toys? Go to Laurel & Wolf for interior design help! This sweet family chose interior designer Annilee B Waterman to transform their girls’ bedroom into a cozy yet playful space that would grow with the girls as they get older. BEFORE The girls wanted to keep the teal walls and the fairy decal, so Annilee had to find a way to bring in other colors through the furniture, bedding, and accessories. Just wait until you see what she came

Bethany Struble of Snakes Nest blog is using Laurel & Wolf to redesign her daughter Kylie’s bedroom! View her blog post to see the designs. She’s received beautiful submissions from our designers, and needs your help deciding which once to declare the winner! Help her out and vote on the designs yourself! xo, Laurel & Wolf