Does your home feel like your refuge, or is it kind of…generic? It can seem challenging, especially in a rented space, to make your place feel like your own. But you don’t need a big budget to personalize your pad. A designer at Laurel & Wolf can help channel your unique likes, quirks and personality and translate them into different pieces of your decor. Display Your Memories These days, we all have enough personal photos to cover every inch of our walls. While you probably don’t want to turn your

Whether you moved into a small studio close to your parents or relocated to the city of your dreams, living on your own can be intimidating. As soon as you sign your name on the dotted line of your lease or mortgage (eek!), an inescapable weight of responsibility can set it. But before you lose your cool and panic sets in, remember: a home of your own is a real moment to celebrate! So, pop the Champagne and congratulate yourself on this major accomplishment. To make this transition a little

Image via Natalie Kraiem Let’s see if you can relate to this all too familiar scene: After a long day at work, you collapse into bed, only to watch your mattress fall into the floor. Your exhaustion is immediately replaced with frustration. But it doesn’t have to be! Skip the pity party and treat yourself to a bedroom makeover that gives you the sanctuary you deserve. From investing in a quality mattress to fostering a soothing atmosphere with soft lighting, here’s how you can upgrade your bedroom into a room

This post was written by Laurel & Wolf and originally featured on Paintzen’s blog. Paintzen is s a revolutionary painting service that makes the process of finding a trustworthy painter for your next home or office paint job effortless. This winter keep your home warm (and save money on your energy bill!) with these easy window and curtain tips. Hang Heavy Drapes Swap out your summer drapes with thick ones for the winter. Cold air will have a hard time trying to make its way through heavy materials, so invest in some insulating drapes

Have your in-laws staying over for the holiday? Does your guest room look more like hoarder hell than a heavenly oasis? Laurel & Wolf has a few tips on how to #getyourdesignon and impress your guests! 1. A well-made bed is the most important thing you can provide to your guest. Bed linens should be freshly laundered and firmly tucked and always provide 2-3 pillows of varying firmness and an extra blanket to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. 2. A small array of fresh cut flowers on the bureau or

Yes, Pure Wow!!

By: Casey Gerber

October 4, 2014

Need the designer touch? Well, this is what you’re looking for! Check out Laurel & Wolf Designer tips on Pure Wow! Love our designers and their 10 ways to upgrade your home like a decorator tips! Thanks Pure Wow for the howling review!! #GetYourDesignOn xo, Laurel & Wolf