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The Best Instagram Accounts to Feed Your Appetite for Design

By: Casey Gerber

June 16, 2015

Is your Insta-feed looking a little bland lately? Have you found that you’ve stopped inexhaustibly scrolling your favorite gram’ers’ feeds? Well have no fear, to provide you with some new voyeuristic material and endless inspiration we have compiled a list of our favorite interior design Instagrams that will give you a solid dose of chic design, stunning forms, and crushworthy style.


A photo posted by Laurel & Wolf (@laurelandwolf) on

Well, clearly our Instagram is the destination for great interior design inspiration, but scroll through to check out our list of what else is out there!


  A photo posted by Nickey • Kehoe (@nickeykehoe) on

First of all, the photo composition on this feed is to die for. This Los Angeles interior design studio and shop is formed by Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe, partners with backgrounds in design. Blending old world patina and modern simplicity, this duo’s Instagram will have you majorly coveting their gorgeous home decor pieces.


A photo posted by @dominomag on

Domino is a go-to for all things home and their Instagram is just as aesthetically pleasing as you might expect. With tons of posts featuring various designer’s work, this account is an essential addition to your Insta-feed.


  A photo posted by ZAK+FOX (@zakandfox) on

Founder and creative director, Zak Profera is primarily a textile designer who draws inspiration from his early studies of contemporary art at the San Francisco Art Institute. His designs take on an ever changing aesthetic, inspired by a keen sense of adventure and eclectic patterns discovered while traveling. His faithful fox, Shinji is an essential part of the company and is often featured on the account, adding a dose of cuteness to this stylish feed.


A photo posted by Suysel & Anne (@tiltonfenwick) on

Tilton Fenwick has become a big name in the interior design game since the NYC based boutique firm launched in 2010. Providing a fresh perspective on traditional design, their pattern heavy Insta-feed will leave your mouth watering for more of their updated classics. They’ve also made their designs accessible through an upholstery collaboration with Target, so you can easily make their Insta your reality.


  A photo posted by TRNK (@trnknyc) on

With a tagline like “Have a handsome home”, you know it’s gonna be good but I bet you didn’t know it was gonna be this good. TRNK is targeted towards men, aiming to redefine the way men think about and shop for the home, helping to progress the notion of male domesticity. The Instagram is filled with some big M’s; minimalist, monochromatic, masculine design that not only men, but everyone can enjoy.


A photo posted by Emily Katz (@emily_katz) on

If you have a penchant for boho interiors, look no further than Emily Katz and her macrame masterpieces. This Portland based artist creates plant hangers, hammocks, wall hangings, and more, placing them inside beautiful interiors (the pic is actually her place and we’re kind of obsessed to say the least).


Seattle based Brian Paquette’s edgy vibe, detail-oriented shots, and witty captions make his feed a prime place to visit for inspiration. The fluidity of his style promises there will be a little something for everyone, although if modern and minimalist is your thing, his pics will definitely satisfy your hunger for design.


This one’s for all the art lovers out there- Tappan Collective’s stunning Instagram merges art and killer interiors. Their curated collection of the world’s most cutting-edge new artist’s works is a never-ending source of inspiration for creating the perfect gallery wall in expertly designed abodes. The founders, Chelsea Neman and Jordan Klein seem like pretty rad chicks, too.


  A photo posted by Grace Bonney (@designsponge) on

Grace Bonney, creator of the mega-popular blog Design Sponge is pretty much the Martha Stewart of millennials. From DIYs, to awe-inspiring interiors and exteriors, amazing patterns, textures, and colors, and even lots of cute animals, this Insta has absolutely everything to satisfy your scroll.


Head to Emily Henderson’s feed if you like a little bit of quirk, mixing vintage with new, sophisticated and eccentric interiors, and cute kids. The LA based HTGV host, designer, stylist, blogger, and mom is clearly super busy providing her followers with tons of lifestyle inspiration.


  A photo posted by THE RHAPSODY (@boholuxeinteriors) on

This insta will basically take you on a virtual vacation to every tropical place and boho luxe (hence their title) dream home you could ever crave. It actually kind of brings tears to our eyes it’s so good, so be prepared, k?


A photo posted by MyDomaine (@mydomaine) on

This one’s a no-brainer. Domaine is an interior design mecca and their perfectly curated feed will most likely have you hoppin’ onto laurelandwolf.com for interior design services, stat.


  A photo posted by Kate Arends (@witanddelight_) on

Kate Arends, creator of the beautifully curated Wit & Delight, is killer at finding incredible design inspiration and influences. The site launched in 2009 and has since evolved into a brand focused on bringing insatiable expression with an approachable elegance to those who would like to live a well-designed life. The insta-feed is clean, polished and stylish, and sure to have you checking daily.


A photo posted by Amber Lewis (@amberinteriors) on

We love the silly spirit of Amber Lewis, the designer and owner of Amber Interiors. Her mix of vintage touches and a modern, LA cool attitude fills this Instagram with tons of eclectic patterns and fun design, while also having a tendency to be a bit of a pillow party.


For the finest in the fanatical trend of Scandinavian design, this chic Insta for the My Scandinavian Home blog brings you a plethora of ethereal, Nordic inspired interiors to get your design juices flowing.

Your Insta-game is sure to enter it’s prime once you start following and gathering inspiration from these rad feeds. And don’t forget to hashtag #GetYourDesignOn whenever you regram! Cya on Instagram!

xoxo, Laurel and Wolf

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