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Father’s Day is coming. We’re giving you fair warning so that, for once, you don’t resort to the ol’ here’s-a-tie trick. This year, we dare you to go a little more sentimental. Ahead of Father’s Day, we teamed up with custom framing and delivery site Framebridge to gift one deserving Dad a special surprise.


Shaun Foos met now-wife Rachel on a blind date at a dive bar, but decided to take things up several notches, proposing in a helicopter over Los Angeles. They now share a cozy three-bedroom home north of the city with their little ones, Carter, 5, and Miller, 1 and a half.

“Shaun has always been such an amazing dad. He’s so loving and fun and active with the kids, we wanted to give him something special for Father’s Day,” Rachel says.

So she teamed up with Framebridge and Laurel & Wolf to create a gallery wall highlighting some of their favorite family memories. She dug out the beloved onesie and teeny Vans from when the boys were babies. She also pulled out a drawing Carter had made along with a portrait of both boys. Her other favorite objects? The kids’ toy cars.

“Both of them are obsessed. Cars, cars, cars, and Shaun is always so patient in playing with them,” Rachel says.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 6.37.14 PM

After selecting the objects, Framebridge mailed Rachel packaging designed to safely transport the objects to their framers. They then worked with Rachel and Laurel & Wolf to properly arrange and frame the objects before sending them back to be hung. Laurel & Wolf designer Ashley Bussell redesigned their space to highlight her new pieces of art, highlighting the modern rusticity of their home and selecting durable, kid-friendly pieces.

The result? A living scrapbook of their family memories.

Want to score best-kid-ever status? Framebridge is offering Laurel & Wolf readers 15% off of their Father’s Day framing projects. Use promo code LAURELANDWOLF15 at checkout. Need some ideas for what to frame? Check out their Father’s Day guide.

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