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These 7 Pictures Make Ironing Sexy, Sort Of

By: Casey Gerber

March 11, 2014

Ironing boards are eye-sores.  You take them out when you need them, wait for the metal to get hot-to-the-touch,  then furiously demolish those wrinkles, until everything is nice and flat.  After all of that, it’s back to the hidden cupboard for this 120 year old home staple.  Well, thanks to some keen design eyes, Decor/Aid bring you some ways that you can safely trot out that old board with pride.

1.  Create An Entry Table By The Door

























2.  A Table For Your Photos












3. Use Them As Small Dining Tables

Small Tables












4.  They’re A Great Place To Display Your House Plans























5.  Make Your Board An End Table















7.  Finally, Create A Great Display For Baked Goods Or Your Family Dinner













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These are just a few smart ideas for displaying your old ironing board.  Share your ideas in the comments and we might feature it!
(Image credits: TarafirmaAlec VanderboomLittle Glowing Lights; ; Patina GeneralOh, AlbatrossMaya Made)


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