Home Decor That Can Help Improve Your Luck

By: Sarah Beaumont

March 15, 2017

Image via Alice Lane Home

It may be Saint Patty’s Day, but luck isn’t just for the Irish. And it certainly doesn’t always come in the form of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow (we wish). Good luck is a gamble, but there are some things you can do to give fortune’s chance a little push. Bring the spirit of serendipity into your home with these feng shui practices and common good-fortune beliefs.

A Lucky Entrance

In feng shui, the front door is more than just a portal through which you exit and enter. It also has the potential to bring in luck, depending on which color you paint it. It’s said that south-facing doors should be painted a bright warm tone like red or orange. Those facing north should be blue or black, west-facing doors work best in white or gray, and the ones that look east will find the most luck in a green or brown shade.

Flourish with Flowers

Laurel & Wolf

We all know that fresh flowers enliven the air and add a pretty touch of nature to the home. But their colorful petals are also thought to bring good fortune. No need to purchase a new bouquet every week — a few simple blooms from the garden will do the trick.

Serendipitous Symbols
Home Decor That Can Help Improve Your Luck, Laurel & Wolf,

via Laurel & Wolf / The Jungalow

Horseshoes aren’t only good for betting on the races. It’s widely believed that displaying this good luck charm at home brings fortune through the door. The elephant is also considered a token of good luck. Gentle and strong, these wild creatures symbolize wisdom and strength, but no need to find an elephant to hang with in order to fuel your good fortune. Small figurines can just as easily serve as lucky charms that bring an added layer of protection to the home. Major plus: they’re cute and work in almost any space.

Mirror, Mirror

Laurel & Wolf

According to feng shui, mirrors have the power to symbolically double your wealth, health, and happiness. But placement is important. The more mirrors the better, but they should never face objects considered negative or unpleasant. So avoid placing them opposite things like toilets, garbage cans, or clutter.

Bring Home the Bamboo

Like flowers, plants breathe life into indoor spaces. Bamboo, in particular, is one of the best plants for air purification. But as a hydroponic, it’s also said to carry peace, luck, and productivity into whichever area it’s placed. If you’re falling short on cash, try a money plant. In Chinese culture, these leafy greens are thought to bring a different kind of green into your wallet. Not very good with plants? Good news — these ones are pretty hard to kill, no matter how weak your green thumb might be.

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