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Three Super Chic Ways to Style a Coffee Table

By: Sarah Beaumont

November 5, 2016

The way someone decorates their coffee table can say a lot about their personality. It’s tempting to want to pile on the personal items, but without the proper technique it can look random and cluttered. So to help you out, we called upon Laurel & Wolf designer James Tabb to style one coffee table for three different personalities.

Watch the video for tips on sprucing up your coffee table style, then read on for a breakdown of each look!

 Look #1: The Fashion Editor


She has over 50k followers on Instagram and half of her pictures are taken against the smooth marble surface of her coffee table. The Fashion Editor has her aesthetic down to a T and she knows what her loyal followers like to see.


Two clean stacks of fashion books ground the table. Add chic, minimal accessories with metallic details to give the look a hint of glamor then follow up with a vase of fresh flowers for a pop of feminine color. Voila — you’ve got a recipe for a perfectly ‘grammable coffee table.

Look #2: The Glam Gamer


This look is like a stroll through Central Park, past the dog walkers and book readers and elderly men playing chess. Except this time, the chess table is actually a glam marble coffee table and you decide to stop for a quick game.


The Glam Gamer loves entertaining guests with their vintage chess board. Two equally stacked sets of books add dimension to the display while a bit of plant life keeps the table looking fresh and lively.

Look #3: The Collector


The Collector loves vintage memorabilia and small, found objects of sentimental value. You can find them scouring antique stores and flea markets for more artifacts to add to their collection. The only problem with being a collector? It’s not so easy to organize all of your little treasures.


A coffee table is the perfect spot to showcase your objects, but only if it’s done in an orderly fashion. Use a tray for smaller items, then add some height to your collection by displaying taller pieces on the other side of the table. Place them under cloches to turn your artifacts into works of art.

Photos by Dustin Walker. Styling by James Tabb.


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