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Trend Report: Sorbet Colors Are Sweetening Up Our Interiors

By: Sarah Beaumont

August 29, 2017

Image via Apartment Therapy

The sticky heat of summer makes us want three things: a pool to jump in, an icy drink to sip, and a refreshing frozen treat to snack on. But sorbet isn’t only refreshing in ice form — its succulent flavors make amazing hues for the home, too. So although summer is ending soon, we expect the vivid shades of our favorite sorbet flavors to stick around much longer. From mango to raspberry, read on for a set of seriously craveable color palettes.

Mango + Lilac

Tangy mango paired with a soft lilac makes for a perfectly refreshing dessert, and the same goes for an interior. Add patterned decor in other bright, sorbet hues for a funky and fruity interior combo.

Tuberose + Mint
An emerald green throw pillow and blush pink shelves stand out in the all-white room on the left. On the right, the kitchen is equipped with blush pink hardware, a chandelier, and green geometric tiles.

via Domino / Alt

This sorbet scheme is not for the faint of heart. Although it’s trendy, you better believe you’ll love your delicate layers of blush pink and cool greens for a while. Go all out or use this slightly retro pairing sparingly by incorporating each color through art and accessories.

Orange Blossom

If you haven’t heard, orange is starting to look a lot like the new pink. So start bringing this bold hue into your space now with citrus-colored sofas and pops of orange decor. Double the sweetness by pairing it with a blossoming pink hue. Your home will look as good as a creamsicle tastes, guaranteed.

Lavender Lemonade
Sheer, tall curtains and carpets in lavender bring a sense of calmness to a space. A chic pendant lighting and bright yellow furnishings add a sunny glow to the home.

via C Home

Lavender is versatile, so layering multiple shades is easy. But adding a bold yellow into the mix is a little more difficult. This space does it effortlessly with a combination of tawny fabrics, furnishings, and artwork.

Pistachio Peach

A highly saturated, peach-toned statement wall is a daring move. Balance the bold with a flavor on the opposite side of the taste palate, like pistachio.

Lemon + Raspberry

Tangy and invigorating, these bright spaces resemble an all-time favorite summer sorbet pairing: lemon and raspberry. Add in blueberry hues for an extra splash of fruit-filled zest.

Strawberry Watermelon

Summer lasts all year long in these watermelon-splashed spaces. Incorporate a variety of green accents and plant life to complement decor awash in fuschia. Even if your colors scream “tropical vacation”, velvet upholstery and lots of layers will warm your space up for the cooler months… and remind you that sorbet days always lie ahead.


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