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9 Unexpected Color Combos that Look Surprisingly Good Together

By: Sarah Beaumont

October 18, 2017

Image via Architectural Digest

We have a confession — we’re starting to tire of the white-on-white look that’s been dominating our Pinterest feeds. Don’t get us wrong, neutrals are necessary, but when it comes to color, we’re craving the unexpected. Few people think to pair shades of black and yellow or purple and green together when painting walls or choosing decor. But when done right, uncommon color combinations can make a seriously chic statement. From salmon pink and forest green to citrus and cerulean, these unexpected color schemes are bringing spaces together in a surprisingly attractive way.

Teal + Red:

Though they fall on opposite sides of the color spectrum, a green-tinted teal and a rusty red make quite a pretty pair. Though teal is close to green, it’s just blue enough to not feel like you’re hosting Christmas in your kitchen all year round. Add in wood textures and copper accents for a bold yet subdued palette.

Forest Green + Salmon Pink:

A light, salmon pink practically acts as an accompanying neutral in all-white spaces, but when paired with a rich, forests green, it adds serious punch to a room. With its dark woods, this sophisticated space mimics some of the bolder hues found in nature.

Citrus + Cerulean:

Unless you’re a huge Broncos fan, you probably wouldn’t think to go with a bold blue and orange color story. But the warmth of citrus and the vibrancy of a cerulean result in a complementary balance of shades. Rather than painting walls these colors, use them as accents in a space filled with neutrals. For a more subtle take on the palette, opt for a darker blue and orange-tinted leathers.

Navy + Hot Pink + Mustard:

If you dig neon pink but don’t want your space to scream “the princess lives here,” pair it with darker, traditionally masculine hues. Rich navy and mustard yellow still have that regal feel, but make hot pink tones feel much more elegant and refined.

Periwinkle + Violet:
In this bold, retro dining space, floral wallpaper meets a bright purple area rug and rustic, wooden furnishings.

via Domino

Because they’re so close on the color spectrum, purples and blues can be tough to pair. The trick is to go for the bold to avoid the two shades bleeding together. Most spaces depend on neutrals and use accents of cool. In the case of this violet rug and periwinkle wallpaper, blue and purple steal the show in a beautiful way.

Black + Yellow:

When black and yellow get together, they do it big. The trick with this tricky scheme is consistency. As long as everything else is monochromatic, black and yellow create an electrifying look. If you want to go bold, opt for a neon yellow wall framed by black moldings. The more subtle option is to use yellow accessories with a mainly black and white palette.

Black + Rust:

Copper is typically favored in bright, white spaces. But when paired with deep grays and blacks, it feels moody and warm. To avoid going full-on Halloweentown, this combo should take on a washed-out appearance and be paired with rusty reds rather than vibrant oranges.

Teal + Yellow + Gray:

Yellow makes its case again, this time with blendable teal. When these vibrant hues get together, they work best if complemented by cool grays and the occasional hint of maroon. The balance of hues creates a high-contrast look that’s both fun and refined.

Bold, Saturated Hues

If color is what you crave, then go bold or go home. Or just bring your favorite bold hues into your home. Though this space boasts nearly every color in the neon rainbow, solid shapes and traditional silhouettes allow for vibrant moments to happen throughout.

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