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The Unexpected Color We’re Loving This Fall

By: Sarah Beaumont

September 28, 2017

Image via Architectural Digest

If you haven’t realized by now, Pantone has a lot of power when it comes to color. After they declare the Color of the Year, it shows up everywhere. When they announce the hottest hues on the catwalk, everyone starts wearing them on their clothes and in their homes. But one of their recent color endeavors certainly stands out. In honor of the late, great, musical legend Prince, Pantone created a special shade of purple called “Love Symbol #2“.

Like the iconic Prince, purple is bold and daring. It’s a color that many are wary of using in the home. But if we’ve learned anything from Prince it’s that you shouldn’t be afraid to challenge cultural norms by trying something a little different. So this season, we’re all about bringing the mood of fall into our homes with deep purple hues. Read on for ways to add this delightfully unexpected color to your space.

Make It Moody

When dashes of deep blue and periwinkle are added to a purple room, it inspires a sensitivity that mimics the arrival of a new, cooler season. With vintage decor and fall-themed blooms, these purple-splashed spaces say “seasons are changing”.

Plum Accents

The soothing depth of purple is often associated with royalty and spirituality. (And who doesn’t want at least a little of those things in their home?) This minimal, contemporary dining room incorporates just the right amount of royal purple for someone who likes their color palette neutral and their decor luxe.

Lilac Wine

As sweet and succulent as the scent of lilac, these spaces bring a hint of pink to their purple palettes for a look that’s as glam as it is colorfully bohemian. There’s nearly nothing as luxurious as a rich, velvet armchair or sofa, and in a vivid shade of plum, the velvet furnishings in these rooms make them pop with glamour. Add in touches of natural, forest greens for a cool contrast.

Mauve Mood

Bringing various shades of purple into one room is a chic approach to this color trend that makes a space feel calm but layered. In this room, a light lavender hue is used for the floors while mauve makes its way onto the couch and across the walls.

A Splash of Amethyst

For those not ready to fully commit to a deep shade of this royal pigment, try something more subtle, like painting the inside of a cabinet purple. Or choose tranquil amethyst for an area that doesn’t get quite as much attention, like the bathroom.

Purple Magic

The deeper the purple, the more energetic the room. An eggplant accent wall in the space on the left feels loud and powerful while the room on the right feels far from overwhelming with its lavender decor and soft ivory furniture. But no matter the shade, this magnetic color makes every space it touches feel a little more magical.

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