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How to Upgrade Your Morning Routine

By: Olivia Bae

August 14, 2017

It’s that time of year again. You know, the one that kids dread, yet parents yearn for? Back to School season! And whether you’re gearing up to get your honor roll student ready for the new year, or you’re getting back into the work grind yourself, we’ve got the inside track on bringing your A-game this autumn.

We teamed up with our friends over at Brooklinen, Poppin, and PINCHme to give one lucky winner an A+ life upgrade, worth $1,000 in prizes! Check out our back to school tips and enter for your chance to win a room refresh here!

Tip #1: Create A Healthy Routine (and stick to it!)

Do you usually begin your day by catching up on everything you missed on Instagram while you were asleep? If you answered “yes,” it’s probably time to make some changes! Not only does using electronics in bed affect your sleep, it can also seriously impact your psyche. Instead of plugging into your device the second you rise, try centering yourself by meditating, stretching, or setting your intentions for the day in one of Poppin’s stylish planners!

Tip #2: Clear the clutter 

You know that serene feeling after a deep clean? Well, you can keep those stress-free vibes going all day long by making sure that your bedside table is in the best possible shape. Incorporate stylish storage boxes, jewelry trays, and baskets to hide your essentials, and add a cable catch or two to keep all your electronic cords tangle-free.

How to Upgrade Your Morning Routine

Tip #3: Get Good Sleep

There’s nothing quite like a good nights sleep to get you back into the groove after an eventful summer break. And in order to achieve the highest levels of relaxation, you’ll want to start by updating your bedding. Here, we went with Brooklinen’s mix-and-match Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle in Navy Dot and Solid Navy to liven up our standard white bedding. Decorative pillows in pink and faux fur add a punch of color and textural contrast.

Tip #4: Set The Mood 

And speaking of sleep, a little aromatherapy goes a long way in the bedroom. We used Brooklinen’s AM to PM scented candle set, which are scented to encourage sleep at night (think bourbon and blood orange) and a bright morning (a breezy ocean scent).

How to Upgrade Your Morning Routine

Tip #5: Be Prepared 

Nothing good happens when you’re in a rush! Set the whole family up for success by doing most of the heavy lifting in the evening. This means preparing lunches and packing bags in advance so that you have time for breakfast and quality snuggle time in the morning.


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