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Valentine’s Day Decor You’ll Want to Keep

By: Caylin Harris

February 12, 2018

Whether you’re single or attached the great thing about Valentine’s Day is that it’s a moment of appreciation for the people you love—not to mention it breaks up the post-Christmas winter monotony. Plus it’s the perfect excuse to get people together. Instead of wasting money on throw-away festive decor (we’re looking at you stuffed gorilla holding a heart) why not choose some decorations with staying power. Here are some of our favorites:

Blush place settings:

Practically a neutral, the millennial pink you see everywhere looks nice on glassware too. Place a smaller salad plate on top of your every day serving plates or do an entire blush place setting—you won’t be sad these beauties hanging around all year.

Valentine’s Day Decor You’ll Want to Keep

Image via Adventure Scout

Think beyond pink and red:

Or at least the classic iterations of them.  Don’t feel obligated to create centerpieces of red roses if you don’t like them. Just choose colors that make you happy. Mixing different shades of pink like blush, coral, or hot pink with pops of green or yellow can feel more sophisticated and playful.

Valentine’s Day Decor You’ll Want to Keep

Potted plants:

‘Tis the season for cut flowers, but small potted plants will stick around long after the holiday. Sweet succulents, tiny cacti, or sculptural air plants will all work well with your existing decor. Or gift them to your friends if you’re feeling generous.

Valentine’s Day Decor You’ll Want to Keep

Honeycomb balls:

Whether you choose to hang them from the ceiling or make a garland to act as a photo wall, the repeat uses for these stunners are endless. Since they come in a ton of fun colors and sizes (they can be as little as two inches round) play with scale for an impressive finished product. The great part is that they fold down when they’re not in use so it won’t be a pain to store them. You’ll find yourself pulling them out for future parties.

Valentine’s Day Decor You’ll Want to Keep

Image via LovelyFest Event Design

Use balloons:

If there is one item you want to buy that feels very party specific make it balloons. They’re inexpensive, look pretty, and when you’re done, you can toss them without feeling guilty. Again, instead of going with bubblegum pink and a true red, deal in shades of these colors. The Oh Happy Day Party Shop has a fantastic range of colors, sizes, and shapes. Or check with local party specialty stores for options.

Valentine’s Day Decor You’ll Want to Keep

Image via Etsy

Floor pillows:

So you’ve realized that you’re desperately low on seating but fold-out chairs don’t go with your party style. If that’s the case, consider a few inexpensive oversized pillows. They’ll lend a cozy, relaxed vibe to your soirée and will stack nicely in a corner if you don’t need them.

Valentine’s Day Decor You’ll Want to Keep

Image via A Fabulous Fete

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Laurel & Wolf!

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