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Vote for Your Favorite Presidential Room Design!

By: Casey Gerber

November 3, 2016

Democrat or Republican, we all have one thing in common — our undeniable fascination with the White House. And with all of the madness surrounding this presidential election on November 28th November 8th, we’re turning our attention towards something a bit less controversial, the winning candidates private quarters.

Along with the title, the soon-to-be president also gets their very own, four-story residence between the East and West Wing of the White House. And, if you’ve seen The Obama family’s White House tour, you know that they’re pretty spectacular digs.

So we asked our interior designers to dream up the perfect private spaces for the future leader of the free world. From an all-gold glamour den to a sophisticated abode, we’re making America beautiful again with these epic style boards. Our only question is, which design gets your support? Vote below and stay tuned for the results!

Proposition #1: Donald Trump’s Royal Residence


Interior designer James Tabb worked tirelessly to ensure that Trump’s lust for everything gilt, gold, and garish were incorporated into every inch of the space.  “Amongst the other larger-than-life commissioned artworks, this luxurious room would include a much-improved-upon reinterpretation of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling, featuring President Donald J. Trump in place of David, as well as the best and, might I add, the most spectacular God, donning President Donald J. Trump’s iconic red cap,” says James.

Since Trump is just as much about function as he is about fashion, James reveals that he did have one special request. “President Donald J. Trump did request a dedicated land line to his best bud and life-long comrade, Vladimir Putin. Believe me, believe me, you are gonna love it,” says James.

Proposition #2: Hillary Clinton’s Pantsuit Paradise 


You can’t design the interiors of Hillary Clinton’s presidential quarters without a classic red, white, and blue color palette. For interior designer Kimberly Winthrop, showcasing Hillary’s sense of patriotism was top of mind in the design of her space. After a lifetime of service to our country, her favorite colors are our nation’s colors.

But she also wanted a space that feels cozy. “Aside from being a fearless politician, Hillary is also a devoted grandmother to her pride and joys, Charlotte and Aidan. I wanted to design a powerful space that is also comfortable for grandma-grandchild bonding,” says Kimberly.

Rather than tucking away Hillary’s impressive collection of designer pantsuits in the closet, Kimberly wanted to display them proudly in the bedroom. “Hillary’s pantsuits are a reminder of the powerful, real life woman that she is,” says Kimberly.

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