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This is How You Ward Off Evil Spirits in the Home

By: Sarah Beaumont

October 31, 2016

Image via Urban Outfitters

We’ve reached that eerie time of year again when the veil between the spirit and the living world is at its thinnest (or so they say.) It’s Halloween and the spooks are coming out to play. We’re not saying that ghosts are going to start popping out from the corners and screaming, “Boo!” But even if you don’t believe in the paranormal, these spirit-scaring tricks can still make your home look and feel better too.

If you think there might be a dark presence lurking, or simply want to cleanse the energy in your space, use these magical tips and tricks to keep your home spook-free.

Cleanse and Clear

Even if there’s a dark energy present, it doesn’t mean that your home is haunted. The go-to method for releasing negativity from your space is by smudging it with sage. White sage, in particular, is the preferred choice of mediums and spiritual advisors. Cover every corner in smoke, then leave the sage lit until it simmers out. Clean, open windows, let in the light and release the dark by setting intentions for your dark energy to leave.

Scents are also a great way to ward off negativity. Use a citrus essential oil, which can help clear bad energy and lift your own spirits. Lighting incense is a longtime spiritual practice that creates a calm and serene atmosphere — not the usual type of place that ghosts and ghouls choose to prey. When all else fails, light fresh-scented, energizing candles.

Spiritual Glamor

Not only are they pretty, but they’re powerful, too. When it comes to the home, crystals have a magical effect. They add natural sparkle and glamor to your space and possess both healing and cleansing powers. Rich, violet amethyst is known as the “Stone of the Spirit.” Its protective powers keep anything negative from coming too close, so keep this stone by your bedside for safety while you sleep. It’s also the easiest to find in terms of home decor. From lamps embedded with amethyst, to clusters used as bookends, there are endless ways to incorporate this special stone in the home.

Other stones that are particularly good for warding off evil spirits or negative energy are Black Touraline and Rose Quartz. Both dissolve negative vibes and replace them with positive ones.

Curse them with Color

If you’ve ever spent time in the deep South, you may have noticed that many porch ceilings are painted blue. It’s been a longstanding Southern superstition that adding a hint of blue to your outdoor space helps keep evil spirits at bay. Traditionally, a specific shade called Haint Blue was used (named for spirits, also called haints.) But really, any blue tone is thought to ward off darkness. Place blue throw pillows on your sofa or add a blue blanket to your bed for an extra layer of protection while you sleep.

Feng Shui them Away

Warding off evil spirits or negativity is a big part of the feng shui practice. Though many feng shui tips have to do with visually bettering the home, there are some that come directly from Chinese superstition and are thought to encourage spirits to leave or prevent them from entering altogether.

Keeping a fountain outside is a common trick that supposedly protects your home’s entrances. But if you don’t have access to a fountain, another recommended method is to fill a bucket of water with lemon juice, salt, and white vinegar, then wipe it on doors and windows.

You’ve probably seen movies where people encircle themselves in salt for protection against ghosts or vampires. This actually comes from feng shui. Pouring salt in the corners of each room in your house is thought to absorb negative energy. After letting it sit for 48 hours, sweep or vacuum it away, then toss it. Voila — no more evil! For a hint of salty home decor, keep a Himalayan Salt Lamp in your space.

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