Why Mid-Century Modern Will Always Be Chic

By: Charlotte Beach

February 18, 2017

Pizza, puppies, and mid-century modern design: some things just never go out of style. And with good reason! We would hate to live in a world without French Bulldog pups or Eames chairs, and luckily it seems we will never have to. The streamlined and sophisticated subtlety of mid-century modern design has proven timeless, moving into American homes in the 1950s where it happily resides to this day.

So what exactly is it about mid-century modern style that gives it lasting power? Even Mad Men ended after 7 seasons! We’re taught that all good things must come to end, but the everlasting adoration of clean lines and exposed wood say otherwise.

It’s Spacey

What’s the opposite of claustrophobic? Mid-century modern design. The style embraces airy, open, floor plans made to feel even bigger thanks to a focus on simple clean lines and expansive windows that give the illusion of living spaces expanding straight into the outdoors.

It’s Oh-So-Natural

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While one of the hallmarks of mid-century modern design is its use of alternative materials like fiberglass and concrete, there is an equal focus on rich woods like teak, walnut and rosewood. And the style’s rejection of frills and ornamentation lets the material itself take a starring role. I mean, check out the curves on that side chair above!

It’s Lit

While the open plans and beautiful windows let natural light take center stage during the day, when the sun goes down mid-century light fixtures take a starring role. Whether it’s a gleaming space-age style sputnik chandelier or a lantern-inspired George Nelson pendant, mid-century lighting is a star.

It’s Subtle Yet Bold

Rather than throwing together a riot of patterns and colors, midcentury design rewards subtlety. But that doesn’t mean it’s boring. The unfussy lines and textures just help to put the focus on the statements you do decide to make. Think geometric art or curvaceous pendant lamps.

It’s Cheap

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Born in the wake of World War II, mid-century modern style made new use of the cost effective materials and technology developed for the war effort. Cheaper materials like concrete took a starring role architecturally, and those remain affordable building materials today. And though original mid-century pieces can fetch a pretty penny at antiques stores now, you can find deals by hitting up flea markets or buying reproduction pieces.


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