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Wine + Design: The Perfect Wine and Space for Every Occasion!

By: Casey Gerber

May 12, 2015

We’ve been hearing about Club W for a while, and we’re pretty obsessed with their incredible service. Affordable, delicious, and seasonal wine gets delivered to us every month? Seems like a great excuse to have your friends over for a party or hang out in your space while drinking delicious wines.

We’ve curated some of our favorite spaces for hosting your friends, and the perfect wine for each occasion. We’ll even kick off your party by offering you 50% off your first Club W purchase when you use this link!

When the newest season of Orange Is the New Black drops on Netflix: 
Industrial Apartment from Laurel & Wolf

Truly, is there anything better than parking on the couch and watching 13 straight hours of uninterrupted television? We think not. Optimize your Netflix time by keeping your furniture low profile and perfect for stretching out and relaxing. We love this long leather couch with soft padded arms (they double as pillows) and soft ottomans to rest your weary feet… and your wine glass.

Red Wine | Laurel & Wolf  Our favorite bottle to uncork and unwind with? A 2013 Tempo Vero Montepulciano d’Abruzzo – our friends at Club W call it ‘charming and calming’, which is exactly what you want for your endurance date with Netflix!

Bro night with your college friends: Industrial Modern Living Room | Laurel & Wolf You want your space to reflect how cool you are (even if you can’t do a kegstand like you could in your youth…) but still feel polished and comfortable. Opt for dark wood finishes and leather pieces to bring masculinity and complexity into your space. Plus, you don’t need to worry about things getting too dirty or beat up if you have darker colors!

Fogland Pinot Noir | Laurel & Wolf As for your wine, the Fog Land 2013 Pinot Noir is perfect. It’s palatable and increases in dimension and flavor as the night unfolds. Because you and your friends only get better with time, #amiright?

If you have fancy lady party for your fancy lady friends: 
Chic Living Room | Laurel & Wolf Great girl talk deserves great interior design. Make all your favorite girlfriends feel comfortable with feminine pastels, a soft rug, and lots of throw pillows! We love that a colorful leather ottoman can double as seating, too.

Thorn Blossom | Laurel & Wolf Our favorite wine to kick off ladies night is this sassy little number. The 2014 Thorn Blossom Orange Muscat is a rather rare breed, so your friends will be impressed and intrigued! Plus, it tastes incredible. Give it a try.

Rooftop BBQing, because #summer: Rooftop Views | Laurel & Wolf Finally, finally, it’s time to shed our sweaters and boots in exchange for bathing suits and sandals. Celebrate by taking your crew to the roof and grilling up something delicious! Make your space feel less, ‘dingy rooftop’ and more ‘urban oasis’ by adding weather friendly cushions, throw pillows, and candles for light when the sun goes down. The most important detail? Add some greenery. It will make you feel like you’re really out in nature (and not surrounded by a concrete jungle) !

Red Wine | Laurel & Wolf You’ll want a wine that’s refreshing enough for an outdoor party and palatable for everyone, which can be tough. The 2014 PYT Carbonic Grenache is a wildcard that will throw your guests for a loop – this lightly carbonated Grenache drinks like a rosé and is delicious chilled!

Having the whole gang over for Cards Against Humanity: 
The Ultimate Living Room | Laurel & Wolf
Make everyone feel comfortable (until you make them feel really uncomfortable with your Cards Against Humanity shenanigans) with this welcoming contemporary living room. Lots of small detail pieces like the trinkets on your coffee table will make your friends feel at home and are a perfect way to add your personality to your space!

2013 Pregame Red Wine | Laurel & Wolf The 2013 Pregame Red Blend is perfect for game night – as the experts at Club W say, ‘It’s like the chips and salsa of wine – a total crowd pleasing, easy-drinking red blend to get your party started’. We’re sold, please pour us 17 glasses.

On a hot date:
Hollywood Regency Living Room | Laurel & Wolf

Nothing like black velvet, gold, and a chandelier to really impress your date. With a room this luxe, you’ll want a wine full of depth and sophistication! Just like you and your Tinder date, right?

Muleta Garancha Red Wine | Laurel & Wolf We’re a little obsessed with the 2013 La Muleta Garnacha, and it’s perfect for an occasion like this. Bold and full bodied, it’s spice will give you the liquid courage you need for a first date. Plus, there’s nothing sexier than a Spanish wine by candlelight!

When the in-law’s come over: 
Beautiful Outdoor Trellace | Laurel & Wolf An outdoor patio like this definitely says, ‘I’m worthy of marrying your son (or daughter!)’. Parisian inspired cafe chairs and a sweet pendant completely transform this space. The perfect wine to compliment a lovely evening with the in-laws?

White  Wine | Laurel & Wolf A rare 2014 Akoya Viognier should do the trick. Less than 400 bottles were corked of the super rare wine, and it’s thoughtful and balanced body will win over even the harshest critic!

Find out your personal wine taste here, and let us know how your party goes in the comments below! Remember to use code ‘landw’ for a bottle on the house!

xoxo, Laurel & Wolf


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