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Wonderful Wovens + Wicker

By: Clara Lemon

August 25, 2014

Wicker is more than just a charming casual element that reminds us of beach homes and cozy patio seating. It has been at the forefront of handcrafted furniture for years and is now being used as the material for tables, trays, dressers, and even lamp shades. It subtly incorporates that “natural” look into accents that work well both inside and outside of the home. Take a look at the many ways you can use wicker pieces in your home with accents, lighting, decor, furniture and more!

Setting a table scape with a hint of wicker is elegant and restrained through ACCENTS such as trays, lanterns or placemats which add a bit of charm to any casual setting.



Storage Bins or Baskets in wicker is a sure way to keep functional ACCENTS both casual and sophisticated.




Colorful wicker LIGHTING options are a great way to bring casual flair while giving a serious pop of color!

bright wicker lamp



Wall DECOR in wicker is a great way to add depth and interesting patterns to a space but in a very casual way.


Statement FURNITURE pieces are a great way to bring in wicker without reservation! Why not go big with a great table, chair or accent piece in natural or dramatic finish?



Another amazing option to adding a great wicker FURNITURE piece is to find one with a bit more pizazz like a unique headboard or a bright side table…you’ll get a lot of style points!


Hope these pieces have inspired you to indulge in a bit of lovely woven + wicker accents into your spaces!



Laurel & Wolf

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