10 Best Bed Rails for Thick Mattress in 2023 (Top Selections)

Looking for the best Bed Rails for Thick Mattress? We've reviewed the top rated products on the market.


Although bedrooms usually exude comfort due to our investment in creating a relaxing environment, it’s important not to neglect safety. We’re honing in on the subject of bed rails or safety rails in this context. These elements are critical for your bedroom, especially if it’s utilized by kids or elderly people who remain bed-bound.

Read the complete guide about some of the best bed rails for thick mattresses. Before you go ahead and know our top 10 recommendations of safety rails, their buying guide, and some of the frequently asked questions, you should know that a bed rail is utilized to prevent people from falling from their beds.

Sick users and sleepers having problems getting in or out of bed can also use a bed rail in the bedroom. If someone has met an accident and is unable to get up or change sides, bed rails can be very helpful

Top Bed Rails for Thick Mattress in 2023

In a hurry? Pick a suitable bed rail from this quick suggestions list:

1. RMS Dual Bed Rail Adjustable Height Bed Assist Rail

Make getting in or out of bed simple with the dual safety rails from RMS. Ideal for kids, elderlies, and patients at-home care. If someone has met with an accident recently, it can be an ideal addition to his or her bed.

The dual bed rail from RMS is one of the most popular and can be installed without using extra tools. For better comfort, the safety rail comes with three bars fitted at different heights from the ground.


Made of steel, this dual-rail is coated with powder for better appearance and life. Due to careful construction, its exterior surface is not slippery, so it perfectly fits beneath the mattress and you do not have to make repeated adjustments at regular intervals. As it attaches to both sides of your full or twin bed, there will be no complaints about safety or comfort. Moreover, its height is adjustable, so you use it with various individuals and in different situations.


This safety rail can be retracted when not in use to make getting in and out of bed easier. Its installation guide is included with the shipping package, so you will not have to spend much time or energy on assembling. Although not easy to assemble, it is easy to clean. It has a limited lifetime warranty, so it is a risk-free purchase for your bedroom.


Unique design consisting of three bars for better comfort.

Can be assembled without using any tools.

Can be assembled without using any tools.


Its screws can cause injuries.

2. LumaRail Bed Assist Rail Support Bar Handle

One of the most versatile bed assists, the LumaRail sets new standards for safety by automatically lighting the way after sensing any motion. An ideal solution for a sick patient or an elderly who cannot remember things due to age.

Let’s talk about a safety rail that automatically lights your way to avoid any falls or trips. So, without searching for a switch, you can see the correct path to follow. Well, it’s the most attractive feature of this product, but not the one.


To use this bed assist, the thickness of the mattress should be at least 12 inches. White powder finish matches with any interior and mattress color to give your bedroom an elegant appearance. The height is this bed assist is adjustable between 29 to 37.5 inches. Its handle has a length of 20 inches. It is smooth, so it’s easy to clean.


LumaRail is an advanced safety rail that can be used anywhere. Its integrated strap needs a special mention because it takes care of the hard part; keeping the bed rail movement free. It prevents slip-ups and also makes sure there is no extra gap between the bed and its rail. Moreover, its padded handle gives you a firm grip and necessary support, but in a more comfortable way.

As the bed assist takes support from the bed as well as the ground, it has better stability as compared to the safety rails that are dependent only on the bed. It also has a tool-less assembly. We recommend using the bed assist with the straps to avoid any unwanted trouble.


IntelliBrite motion sensing that automatically lights the path.

Suitable for all beds.

Includes straps.


Its feet may not reach the ground properly if you do not measure the mattress and bed.

3. Medokare Bed Rail for the Elderly Hospital Grade Safety Rail

If you need stable support for a senior person in the house, consider Medokare bed rail. Once installed, you can sleep at peace because your old man is safe.

As you can understand, after seeing its image, the bed rail from Medokare is wide enough at the base to provide proper anchoring and stability. Due to this, it is not suitable for an adjustable bed but ideal for all other regular size sleeping surfaces. Overall, a high-quality bed rail made to prevent any side bed falls, which is common with patients or individuals recovering from injuries.


Manufactured with steel and coated with powder, this bed rail is one of the most durable and long-lasting bedroom accessories. The side rail has no feet, so it works with all mattresses or beds. It is easy to assemble and includes straps for extra safety. Due to its white finish, this bed rail fits almost every bedroom interior and matches any color.


This bed rail includes a handy pocket where an elderly person can store all their belongings like mobile phone and medicines. As it’s a one-sided safety, this bedrail can be installed on either side of the bed, depending on the requirement or situation. With a decent weight capacity of 250 lbs., even the heaviest individuals can use this bed rail with ease. Once assembled, the product weighs less than 8 pounds, so anyone can change its place or side when required.

The makers are so confident in the product that they are offering a 100 percent risk-free guarantee. This means if you see any defect, you can get a refund.


No legs that can interfere with installation.

Pocket to keep small things.

Easy to assemble.

White finish to match any interior.


Cannot be installed on adjustable beds.

4. Drive Medical Home Bed Style Adjustable Length Bed Rails

Overall, this product from Drive medical is easy to manage, that’s why it can be called an excellent bedroom product. If you have a grown kid in the house or an elderly who is not able to change sides, Drive Medical Home Bed Style Bed Rail is for you.

Drive medical believes that a safety rail is an integral part of your bedroom, this is why they created one of the most appropriate bed rails, it easily fits with most beds or crossbars to give you a safe and secure sleep. Moreover, it is easy to install and remove, so you will not have to face any trouble while utilizing the side rail.


Built using 1-inch steel, this bed rail is sturdy and durable. Designed with a brown finish, it suits any bedroom interior and matches all bed or mattress colors. This safety rail uses springs for adjustment, you can put it down when not in use and no one will even know that you have a safety component fitted with your bed. Whenever required, you can raise it again for regular use.


This bedrail can be adjusted at three lengths – 37, 43 or 57 inches without using any additional tool. You have to press a button and the length changes. Pretty neat, isn’t it? Its crossbars can accommodate any bed between 36″ and 72″. And yes, it fits with a king-size bed as well. However, it’s not recommended to be used on hospital beds because a bed rail cannot be a substitute for full-time supervision.


Secures with the mattress.

Sturdy build.

Easy to assemble.


Easy to assemble.

Available only in brown, no other option.

5. Hiccapop Toddler Bed Rail Bumper Kids Foam Safety Guard for Bed

Hiccapop bumper should be your ideal choice if you have kids and you want them to have a peaceful and safe sleep. As it’s free from any hard metal or chemicals, there is no health threat to them.

We have seen few metallic bed rails, now let’s talk about a bumper that works precisely like a safety rail, but has different shape and traits. That’s right, the Toddler Bed Rail Bumper from Hiccapop ensures the safety of your kid while adding style to his or her bedroom. It’s water-resistant so it helps you as a parent as well. High five; you can use it with kids that are way too young to walk towards the washroom.


The bumper is built with CertiPUR-US foam, so it’s gentle and perfect for your kids. It carries hypo-allergic properties, which is proof that it has no threat to children. Nonskid silicon at the bottom eliminates slipping chances, so it stays in its place for the whole night securing your kid.


The bumper has a length of 52 inches that completely guards your kid while he or she is sleeping. It has a 7-inch width to complete the sleeping arena. Installing this safety accessory is a breeze; you only have to place it beneath the bedsheet.

The bumper has a height of 4.5 inches, so it mixes with the mattress quickly and never gives an awkward look to the bed. It has a soft exterior, so be assured that the bumper will not cause any damage to the delicate skin of your kid. As it can be machine washed, you won’t have to worry about stains or marks.


Soft foam build that remains gentle to your kid’s skin and body.

Can be machine washed.

CertiPUR-US forma construction makes it safe for kids.


Cannot be considered a sturdy guard.

6. Medline Bed Assist Bar with Storage Pocket

Ideal for patients and accident victims looking to regain the confidence to stand and walk on their own. Added security is provided because it takes support from the ground and straps.

If you want the elders in your family to live a comfortable life, you should gift them the bed assist bar from Medline. A sturdy build and tool-less installation are the first few factors you should consider.


Want to make the bedroom one of the safe places for your grandfather? If yes, then go for this bed assist bar that quickly settles between the mattress and spring box. Its legs maintain a firm grip with the bed, and there are straps for added help and stability, it also has a mesh bag that works as a perfect location for your belongings.


Suitable for any side of the bed, this bed assist comes with an adjustable height between 36 to 44 inches. You do not have to call someone for the adjustment, because you can do it on your own with the push of a button. A width of 14 inches is sufficient, even if a user wants to use both hands. Its handle is covered with cushion grips that give you a firm hold without any slips. Due to its design and adjustable length, this bed assist is suitable for all bed types and thick mattresses.

With such construction and features, it is a perfect bed assist if one of your family members is recovering from a hip operation or any other surgery. It can be helpful even if you are dealing with regular back pain.


Robust build.

Easy installation.

Can be disassembled for better portability.


Strap clips easily get off.

7. Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail for Elderly Adults Home Bed Railing

Whether you are an aged user or you have someone in your house who cannot stand without any support, you need the EZ Adjust bed rail. Any person who has imbalance or pain in the body can enjoy the benefits of this safety rail.

Do you have an elderly person in your house who needs support to come out of bed? Then you should not ignore his or her safety. You must consider EZ Adjust Bed Rail that can give you peace of mind and assurance that your grandfather is safe even while sleeping. Also, this safety rail is easy to utilize and takes less time to install.


Made of metal, this bed rail meets the standard set by Hospital Bed Safety Workgroup, which shows its high quality built. Whether you have a regular bed or an adjustable one, it can fit with any style. There are also safety straps on the raid that cling to your bed and make sure that the safety rail remains stable without any slip offs.


If you have this versatile bed rail fitted on the bed, you can sleep freely without the fear of falling. You can also fold the rail while getting out of bed and expand while you plan to rest and relax. This safety rail can be attached to any side of the bed and can adjust with thick mattresses up to 18 inches. If you want a perfect fit, do not use it with a mattress with a thickness below 12 inches.

It has a weight handling capacity of 300 lbs. and also has an organizer pouch with four pockets where you can keep all your belongings.


Adjustable length.

Safety straps for added stability.


May not work well with thin mattresses.

Installation takes time.

8. Stander Bed Rail Advantage Traveler Portable Folding Travel Bed Safety Rail

If you want complete safety, even away from home, try the Advantage Traveler bed rail from Stander. It easily fits between the mattress and the bed. Finally, it has safety straps for added security.

When you get old, a safety rail becomes an essential part of the bedroom. It ensures your safety and makes sure that you never face any problem while changing sides. Our next entry from Stander is another bedroom product that is a first reversible bed rail, which ensures easy getting in and out of bed. Due to its portable size, the Advantage Traveler bed rail is movable and can be used in your house or a hotel room.


The Advantage Traveler bed rail comes with a four-pocket organizer pouch which gives you easy access to your belongings. As we told you above that it’s easy to move from one place to another, you can easily change its position without any trouble. Stander understands that no one likes to spend time on assembling a product, so they have made the installation very easy. You have to unfold the bed rail and slide it between the mattress and spring box or bed.


The handle of this bed rail is covered with soft foam to provide added comfort. Due to its curved and non-slip design, this safety rail gives tremendous support for standing, sitting, changing sides, and getting in or out of bed. With a weight capacity of 400 lbs., it never falters, even with a heavy user.


High weight capacity.

Reversible design.

Includes safety strap.



Straps are not strong.

9. Essential Medical Supply Height Adjustable Hand Bed Rail

As there are no tools required to attach the safety rail to your bed, it is medically fit for individuals recovering from surgery or any recent accidents. People with a bad back, aged elderlies, or sick patients can also utilize this bed rail for adequate support.

The fear of falling from the bed can reduce the quality of your sleep. No one understands the pain but a fellow who is going through the same nuisance. If you are also afraid of falling from the bed, then you should choose to install this height-adjustable hand bed rail from Essential Medical Supply. If you are fine but one of your family members is recovering from an accident or surgery, then this safety rail is recommended for adequate support and proper movement.


Made of sturdy aluminum, this bed rail makes getting in and out of bed an easy task. It fits all bed sizes, so you can include this safety rail in your bedroom without any second thought.

Installing this bed rail is easy; slip its extended rods between the spring box and the mattress. It is suitable for regular beds as well. There are straps to secure the safety rail on both sides of a bed to prevent slips and movements.


This bedrail can be adjusted between 17 to 21 inches. It extends under the mattress for 3 feet and maintains a firm grip using non-slip sleeves. As it is 20 inches wide, you will have ample area to use both your hands, if required.


Provides the required support to suit your needs.

Hassle-free installation.

Suitable for all bed sizes.


Fragile straps.

Harsh extendable bars can hurt a user.

10. Stander Safety Adult Bed Rail

Manufactured to save seniors in your house from unnecessary events, the safety rail from Stander is a must-have if you have an old grandfather or someone who was injured in an accident recently and wants help standing again.

If you need a new side rail for one of the elderlies in your house, consider the safety adult bed rail from Stander. You can also utilize it in your kid’s bedroom.


There are three bars in this safety product, each at a distance of 3 cm. Two pins in the safety rails allow you to pull it down when not in use. The mainframe is styled in the letter L so that the lower extensions can easily slip between the mattress and bed. It also has safety straps for better grip and stability.

Due to its low profile and standard design, the safety rails match with the mattress, bed, and other accessories of your bedroom to give it a complete appearance.


This 30-inch full safety rail protects you while you sleep and gives you the necessary support when you need to stand. The given length is sufficient to use both your hands. With its all-steel build and powder coating, this bed rail is made to last. It can tackle up to 300 pounds.

Using its pull-down feature, you can easily replace the bed sheets before going to sleep. Constructed following guidelines by Hospital Bed Safety Workgroup (HBSW) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this safety product discourages bed rail entrapment. This product was designed in such a way that it can be used for medical purposes, so this side rail can be used in hospital beds when needed.


Can be used for kids and adults.

Robust construction.


Robust construction.

Buying Guide

Choosing an appropriate bed rail for a thick mattress can be a difficult task, especially if you do not know about such products. There are a few things you should keep in mind before investing in a safety rail, otherwise, a support product can turn into a nightmare. We are forced to state this because a bed rail can cause serious injuries if not selected properly. To help you choose the right bed rail, we have organized some of the major factors you have to consider below.

Bed Type

The first component you should check is the bed because its where a safety rail will be assembled. A compatible bed rail will attach to your sleeping surface without any hassle. However, not all rails are suitable for all bed types.

If you are taking a safety rail where ground feet are involved, please match the height of your bed and bed rail for a suitable match. Similarly, a safety rail with a large base cannot fit with an adjustable bed. So, make sure you match the bed and the safety rail.

Safety Rail Anchor

You can face issues due to the gap caused between the bed and its rail. If not fixed instantly, such differences may result in entrapment as well as injuries. All these unfortunate things will happen only if you choose an unstable rail without any safety straps. Pay attention to the ways a safety rail will maintain its position in-between the mattress and bed. There have to be safety features like straps, non-slip covers, or an extended base that can provide complete stability.

Folding Feature

If you choose a bed rail that can be lowered down, you can easily hide it when not in use. Do not use a product with multiple rails in your kid’s bedroom, they might try to get off the bed using those rails and get injured.


Look for something that has a soft grip on the handle, so that you can have a controlled and safe grip on the safety rail.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can bed rails be used in nursing homes?

Safety rails are standard on nursing home beds because they are adapted from hospitals. However, if you see that there are no rails on the bed where your loved one is resting, you can utilize a medical-grade safety rail after consulting his or her reporting doctor.

Are bed rails safe for toddlers?

Bed rails prevent toddlers from falling off, however, try to purchase a dual side bed rail for complete safety. If you are choosing a single rail, make sure it is stable and has straps on, so it doesn’t become a gap entrapment.

What are bed rails used for?

Also known as side and safety rails, a bed rail is used to prevent people from falling from their beds when sleeping. Apart from that, you can use it while standing to avoid slipping or extra stress on the body. It’s useful for elderlies, patients, weak or aged individuals, and someone recovering from a road accident.

What are hospital bed rails?

A great addition to hospital beds that prevents accidental falling of patients is a hospital bed rail. Such rails are useful with patients that are admitted for broken bones. A hospital bed rail is designed in such a way that it moves with the bed so that the patient can be safe from slipping or falling.

How long should beds have safety rails for kids?

According to consumer reports, you can remove the bed rails once a kid reaches age 5, this is the age where they outgrow toddler beds.


We have shared exclusive recommendations from our experts so that you can make an informed and smart investment. Safety rails are highly recommended for seniors and patients, especially patients with broken bones. Give them the support they need so that you can also get the same when you are old or injured.

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