7 Best BBQ Grill Covers for Every Grill Style Reviews in 2023

Our selection of best BBQ grill covers will help you protect your grill from the elements.


A barbecue grill designed for outdoor use is a distinct device typically utilized only during particular seasons of the year. During periods of non-use, it may be left open to harsh weather elements which could potentially damage or completely destroy it.

BBQ grill covers are essential for increasing the life of your grill by making sure it is protected from the elements and stays clean and dry in the backyard until the next time it is used.

This guide will help you select the right BBQ grill cover to ensure that your grill stays good as new for years to come.

The 7 Best BBQ Grill Covers of 2023

1. Gillman Premium (58 Inch) BBQ Grill Cover, Heavy-Duty Gas Grill Cover

If you have a standard grill from a popular brand, this BBQ grill cover will be all you need, with plenty of size options to choose from.

Are you looking for a BBQ grill cover that will last as long as the grill itself? This heavy-duty cover is made from PVC-lined Oxford material that is waterproof, UV-resistant, and tear-resistant.

The quality PVC-lined material ensures that no rain or condensation will get in, while the UV-resistant coating helps to prevent it from degrading or cracking when exposed to direct sunlight over a long period of time.

It fits all popular grill brands such as Weber, Char-Broil, and Brinkmann, and offers a range of sizes to ensure the perfect fit:

  • 30 L x 26 W x 43 H
  • 58 L x 24 W x 48 H
  • 60 L x 28 W x 44 H
  • 64 L x 24 W x 48 H
  • 72 L x 26 W x 51 H

If you are not a fan of black, there is also a tan option to choose from. Weights range from 1.79 lbs to 3.47 lbs (depending on size).

The extra-wide design allows room for any side trays or accessories that cannot be folded up, and hook and loop straps can be cinched tight for a windproof fit that is suitable for even extreme outdoor conditions. Cleaning is easy, simply spray with water and let the sun dry.



Lots of size options

Extra-wide design for side-trays


No mesh vents

2. cover 600D Grill Cover – 60-inch Heavy Duty Barbeque Gas Grill Cover

This BBQ grill cover is a great option for a grill that is exposed to elements such as rain and snow in the off-season.

Does your grill have to withstand a lot of moisture from rain and snow in the off-season? This heavy-duty BBQ grill cover is water-repellent with a concealed air vent design.

It is made from anti-tearing 600D Oxford polyester canvas with water-resistant PVC coating and a water-repellent finish. The heavy-duty fabric and double-thread sewing make it rip-resistant and able to stand up against the wind. A concealed mesh air vent at each side allows air and moisture to escape while keeping your grill protected from the rain and snow. It is UV-protected, which means that it wont fade or crack in the sun.

The cover fits grill brands such as Weber, Char-Broil, Holland, Jenn Air, and Brinkman; with various sizes to choose from:

  • 32 W x 26 D x 43 H
  • 50 W x 22 D x 40 H
  • 55 W x 23 D x 42 H
  • 60 W x 23 D x 42 H
  • 65 W x 24 D x 44 H
  • 70 W x 24 D x 44 H
  • 75 W x 24 D x 44 H

Two adjustable Velcro straps allow you to cinch the cover tight to prevent it from blowing off in the wind. The concealed mesh air vents add an extra layer of protection against the wind by preventing ballooning. Two heavy-duty handles on either side allow for easy removal, and can also be used for storage or hanging. The cover weighs anywhere from 2.29lbs to 4.79lbs, depending on size.


Heavy-duty fabric

PVC coating and water-repellant finish

UV protection

Many size options


No color options

3. Patio Watcher Grill Cover, Large 64-inch BBQ Cover | Waterproof, Heavy Duty Gas Grill Cover

This BBQ grill cover is a great option for a non-standard grill that has to survive wind and rain. However, if extreme heat or sunshine is a concern, this one may not be for you.

This heavy-duty BBQ grill cover is designed for a universal fit, making it compatible with many different styles and brands of outdoor grills.

It is made from durable woven polyester with a water-repellent coating and a water-resistant undercoating. The high-density stitching and bound seams ensure that it is tear-resistant and will work well in wind and rain.

There are three sizes to choose from:

  • Medium “ 58 L x 24 D x 48 H
  • Large “ 64 L x 24 D x 48 H
  • Extra Large “ 71 L x 24 D x 48 H

Two structured side air vents lined with mesh allow airflow, reducing condensation, and preventing ballooning in wind. Adjustable Velcro straps contour to grill dimensions, while an adjustable hem cord allows for an even more customized fit. Plastic clips along the bottom secure it to the underside of the grill.

Reinforced padded handles allow for easy removal and storage. Weights range from 2.64lbs to 3.59lbs, depending on size.

Although this BBQ grill cover should work well in wind and rain, the lack of a UV coating means that it may fade or crack over time if exposed to high temperatures and direct sunlight.


Universal design

High-density stitching and bound seams

Mesh air vents


No UV protection

4. JIESUO BBQ Grill Cover for Weber Charcoal Kettle

This is a great option for protecting your charcoal kettle grill from the elements. Keep looking if a BBQ grill cover for an outdoor gas grill is what you need.

Even though they’re more portable, sometimes charcoal kettle grills need a cover too, especially if you don’t have storage space like a garage or shed for storage in the off-season.

This BBQ grill cover is for the Weber Charcoal Kettle, and comes in three different size options:

  • 18 grill “ 23 W x 20.5 D x 35 H
  • 22 grill “ 28.5 W x 23.5 D x 35 H
  • 26 grill “ 33w x 25.5 D x 38 H

It is constructed from heavy-duty 600D polyester elastic yarn with a PVC lining and a waterproof layer made with vinyl oil, making it soft and more durable. The precision thread stitching is sturdy and tear-resistant, protecting your grill from rain, wind, sun, snow, or dust.

Two Velcro straps fasten along the bottom for easy fitting and removal. An additional zippered storage bag is included.


Heavy-duty material with PVC lining

Waterproof with vinyl oil

Additional storage bag


For charcoal kettle grills only

5. Traeger BAC503 Pro 575/22 Series Full-Length Grill Cover

Look no further for a BBQ grill cover for the Trager Pro series grill. If you own a different model or style of grill, you will want to keep looking.

While most outdoor BBQ grills are standard enough in size and dimensions that you can make most covers work, this is not the case with the Trager Pro Series. The smoker at the top and pellet hopper on the side make it so that a customized BBQ grill cover is needed.

This full-length grill cover is 35.13 x 23.5 x 42 and is made from heavy-duty all-weather material. It is designed for a snug fit, protecting your grill from rain, sun, and snow. It is durable but light and 3.54lbs.

The cover is water-resistant to ensure that the grill stays dry when not in use, and is easy to pull on and off. Reinforced grommets allow for extra security in the case of bad weather.


Customized fit


Reinforced Grommets


Make and model specific

6. Unicook BBQ Grill Cover 50 Inch, Heavy Duty Waterproof Outdoor Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

This BBQ grill cover may be the perfect option for year-round protection against weather in wet climates. If taupe is a deal-breaker, you will want to keep looking.

If protection against year-round moisture is your main concern, this may be the perfect BBQ grill cover for you.

It is completely waterproof, made from high-density polyester fabric outside with an interior vinyl coating and rip-resistant double-stitched seams. Hot melt seam sealing tape ensures that your grill will stay dry even in heavy rain, and the UV coating protects you from fading and cracking in sunlight.

It comes in a natural taupe color, with four sizes available:

  • 50 W x 22 D x 40 H
  • 55 W x 23 D x 42 H
  • 60 W x 23 D x 42 H
  • 65 W x 24 D x 44 H

There are fabric handles on two sides for easy on/off and storage, and fastening straps to prevent the cover from blowing away on windy days. It weighs between 3.34lbs and 4.34lbs, depending on size.

Get year-round protection for most brands of outdoor grills, including Weber, Char-Broil, Nexgrill, Brinkmann, Kenmore, and DynaGlow.


Completely waterproof

Hot melt seam seals


Only comes in taupe

7. Classic Accessories 55-326-365101-EC Ravenna Water-Resistant 32 Inch Built-In BBQ Grill Top Cover

This BBQ grill cover may be the perfect option for year-round protection against weather in wet climates. If taupe is a deal-breaker, you will want to keep looking.

This BBQ grill cover is a good option for when the grill top itself is the only part of the grill that needs to be covered. For more robust protection against the elements, this one is definitely not going to do the trick.

Do you want to protect the top of your grill but don’t want to deal with a full-sized BBQ grill cover? This cover is designed to fit built-in barbeque grill tops.

It is made from durable woven polyester fabric with a UV coating and water-resistant laminated backing and is free of harmful and carcinogenic chemicals. It is double-stitched at strategic points to provide extra strength and durability where it is needed most.

There are four sizes available:

  • 23 L x 26 D x 24 H
  • 37 L x 2 D x 24 H
  • 45 L x 29 D x 26 H
  • 57 L x 29 D x 26 H

It weighs 1lb to 3.25lbs (depending on size) and is secured by a patented WindLock attachment system consisting of elastic hem cords that move through a special channel and click-close straps for a snug fit.

Air vents provide maximum ventilation, preventing condensation while keeping water out. The reinforced padded handles allow for easy removal and hanging storage.



WindLock attachment system

Air vents


Not as water-proof

Top grill protection only

Buyer’s Guide on How to Choose the Best BBQ Grill Cover

When shopping for BBQ grill covers, the single most important factor to consider is the dimensions of your grill. If the cover doesn’t fit, none of the extra features are going to matter. Once you have the size down, be sure that the underside and top proofing suit your needs, and that the cover has the desired attachment options.

Measure Your Grill Carefully

Choose a BBQ grill cover that is slightly larger than the dimensions of your grill for a proper fit.

  • Width: Measure from the left to right of the grill. Include in this measurement any side tables that can’t be folded up before covering.
  • Depth: Measure from the back to the front of the grill.
  • Height: Measure from the ground to the top of the grill with the lid closed.

Keep in mind that BBQ grill covers are not made to fully cover your grill wheels. This allows you to easily roll the grill for transport even when covered.

Climate Factors

The kinds of weather that your grill will have to withstand will come into play when selecting a BBQ grill cover.

  • If the grill will be subjected to moisture from rain and snow, make sure that the BBQ grill cover has an interior lining such as PVC. The exterior of the cover should also be treated with a water-repellent coating. Reinforced seams are also a plus. Make sure that any venting holes are not on the top of the grill, as this will allow rain and moisture in.
  • If the grill will be left out in high temperatures and direct sunlight, ensure that the exterior of the cover is UV protected. This will ensure the overall life of the cover and help prevent fading and cracking over time.
  • If you live in a climate that gets high winds, your BBQ grill cover may be in danger of blowing away. There are many different options for fastening the cover to the grill and ensuring a snug fit. Look for such options as Velcro straps, adjustable hem cords, and hooks that secure the cover to the underside of the grill. Also look for covers that have air vents, as these allow wind to move through the cover without ballooning.

 Materials Used

The majority of BBQ grill covers are going to be made from polyester or canvas. Any felt or flannel materials or linings are to be avoided, as rodents may be tempted to strip such materials for their nests.

PVC or vinyl linings are a plus, as they add an extra layer of waterproofing to the treated top layer of the cover.

The Details Matter

You want your BBQ grill cover to be durable and long-lasting, without being so heavy and cumbersome that getting it on and off the grill is a pain.

Be aware of the weight of the BBQ grill cover before purchasing, and make sure it has durable handles for easy removal and storage.

FAQs about BBQ Grill Covers

Do I Need a BBQ Grill Cover?

The easy answer to this question is YES! You have already invested in an outdoor barbeque grill, why not do everything you can to ensure that it stays good as new for as long as possible?

While you don’t necessarily need to keep your grill covered 24/7, you should at least cover it during storms and for long periods when it is not being used.

The metal of your grill will corrode faster when exposed to wind and rain. Yard chemicals such as lawn fertilizer will also have a negative effect.

The more you take care of your grill, the longer it will last. A BBQ grill cover can help ensure your summer family barbeques for years to come.

Will this BBQ Grill Cover Fit My Grill?

There is no standard sizing for outdoor barbeque grills, the dimensions vary greatly depending on the grill’s make and model. The only way to know for sure is to measure carefully before purchasing.

If you don’t want to measure yourself, the paperwork that came with the grill should have the dimensions easily accessible. If not, a quick internet search should tell you the dimensions, just so you are precise about the grill’s make and model when searching.

Additionally, when shopping for a BBQ grill cover, many will include a comprehensive guide on sizing to refer to before making a selection.

Is this BBQ Grill Cover Waterproof?

Almost every BBQ grill cover will at least be water-resistant. Look for covers that are treated with a water-repellant coating on the outer surface.

For true waterproofing, look for covers that are made from a sturdy, treated material with an additional underside lining of PVC or vinyl. Double-stitched and reinforced seams also prevent moisture from seeping in through the cover.

Air vents help prevent condensation from forming on your grill by allowing air and moisture to escape but be sure that they are designed to be concealed so that rain and moisture can’t get in. Vents on the top of the grill cover are to be avoided. Mesh-lined vents are a plus.

Will this BBQ Grill Cover Fade or Crack in the Sun?

If you live in an arid climate with extreme temperatures, the wrong BBQ grill cover may fade or crack with direct exposure to sunlight over a long enough period of time.

Select a cover that is made of materials that have been UV protected. This is a pretty standard feature in BBQ grill covers and should not be hard to find. Just keep your eye on this detail when making your selection.


A BBQ grill cover is an essential purchase for your outdoor barbeque grill. While not absolutely necessary 100% of the time, using one when needed will greatly extend the lifespan of your grill.

Make sure that you are aware of the specifics concerning the make and model of your grill, from the overall dimensions to non-foldable tray tables, etc.

If you live in the arid desert, most anything that is UV treated should work for you. If you get more wind, rain, or snow, more caution should be given to the materials and fastening options. Regardless, there’s a BBQ grill cover out there for you!

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