10 Best Pop-Up Bed Tents for Kids in 2023 – Parents Choices


Do your children express issues about their privacy while sharing a room? If that’s the situation, you possibly require a solution offering them unique personal spaces. Think about a pop-up bed tent, which grants the highest level of privacy and safety when one of your kids has to share a room with their brothers or sisters.

Bed tents are available in different shapes, sizes, and designs. This is why we have collected some of the best pop-up bed tents so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs. This season, present them a private place where they can read, play, or sleep.

Top 10 Best Bed Tents For Kids In 2023 – Laurel & Wolf

In a hurry? Choose your children’s bed tents from this quick buying decision list:

1. Pacific Play Tents 19790 Kids Tree House

Play tents keep kids playful in their free time and fascinating while they sleep. This treehouse bed tent also offers proper airflow through the mesh panels and also gives you access to see what the kids are doing.

With graphics similar to a treehouse, the play tent from Pacific Play is one of the preferred products by parents. If you also want to give your kids an imagination that they are sleeping in a treehouse, then you can invest in this pop-up play tent.

On the sides, there are mesh panels for air circulation and outer view. G-3 super poles add to its durability and easy setup. These are the reasons it’s one of the best while your kid is transitioning from a crib to bed.


Unique design.

Easy setup.

Proper air regulation.


No zipper in the door or windows.

2. Playhut Frozen Bed Tent

This bed tent looks perfect for your lovely daughter. Set it up on her bed and she will enjoy sleeping or laying under its simple design. It will be an ideal place for her to play in the evening or rest at night.

Do you have a daughter? If yes, then you can gift her Frozen bed tent on her next birthday. She will love you for this unique bed tent made of kids favorite colors and movie characters. Constructed within the USA using 100 percent polyester, this bed tent is durable and perfect private playing space for your kids.

This bed tent fits most twin-size beds, it can comfortably accommodate three to four kids. There are no ragged corners or edges that can be harsh on your dear ones. Decorated with characters taken from the Walt Disney movie Frozen this tent will soon be one of the favorite toys between your kids and their friends.


Looks child-friendly and attractive.

Durable polyester built.

Suitable for all twin beds.


Difficult to fold.

3. Pacific Play Tents 19600 Kids Cottage Bed Tent Playhouse

Make the transition look comfortable with the play tent from Pacific Play. Soft curtain doors, picket fence, windows on the roof, and soothing colors; your kids will have an image that he or she is sleeping in a different room altogether.

Mesh windows and a panel on the top offers air circulation and an outside view. Velcro doors are big so that your kid can have complete access without any trouble. Whether you want a tent for the bed or you want them to play on the floor, you can use this toy from Pacific Play.

With some external help, you can easily set up this play tent within minutes. The PU coated fiberglass shock-corded poles included with the canvas are sturdy and virtually unbreakable. Its bed skirts cover the mattress externally for a comfortable fit. Once dirty, you can clean this tent using mild water and detergent, if required. It comes with a storage bag, so you can easily pack it.


Ample air circulation.

Suitable on the bed or floor.

Safety coated poles.


Not durable.

4. CAMP 365 Child’s Indoor Privacy and Play Tent

Give your kids some wonderful time under a play tent with an attractive star design. This tent will give them the required privacy if they are sharing the bedroom and keep them comfortable via proper air rotation.

Give your kids the pleasure of a tent that has blinking stars all over the wall. It looks small but fits all twin-size beds. This floorless pop-up tent is easy to set up, and you can clean it inside a washing machine when it gets dirty.

Manufactured with waterproof 90T polyester, this play tent gives some private space to your kids, keeps them safe from cold air, and gives the proper air circulation for complete comfort. Buy this accessory for your kids and they will sleep in fascination and you in peace.


Sleep friendly interior.

Can be set up directly on the bed or the floor.


Poor zippers.

5. Sunny Days Entertainment Thomas & Friends Pop-Up Play Train Tent

If you want the kids to feel that they are racing inside a train engine, bring the pop-up play tent to them. Due to multiple entries, the canvas will be easily accessible to them for extended hours.

Bring your kids onboard on this adventurous ride that offers endless opportunities to play games. This pop-up tent from Sunny Days looks precisely like a train engine where children will love to hang out or rest. It can comfortably accommodate two to three kids while they enjoy their free time with toys, comic books, or video games. Enhance their imagination and realistic experience by telling them about trains and train engines.

This play train tent made of safe materials also has rounded corners, so it will be gentle on your kids. Moreover, it has a rollover door in the front that you can keep open for their supervision.


Unique look.

Accommodates multiple kids.


Insubstantial; can be easily damaged.

6. Pacific Play Tents 19711 Kids Rad Racer Bed Tent Playhouse

Allow your kids to drive off to their dreamland with this attractive and sturdy play tent. If you want to give some extra space to your child and want him or her to be extra safe, this is the perfect tent for you.

Want to see your child excited? The Rad Racer bed tent can be an excellent option if your answer is yes. It fits both single or double sized mattresses for extra convenience and comfort. The race-inspired graphics on the exteriors will tempt your kid while its robust poles make sure that the tent remains stable all the time. Once dirty, you can use a soft damp cloth to wipe out the marks or stains. It comes with a storage bag for secure storage and easy transportation.


Minimal setup time.

Sufficient space to play, read, or rest.

Robust build.


Unclear instructions on how to set up the tent.

7. Pacific Play Tents 19780CAMOUFLAGE Kids HQ Camo Bed Tent Playhouse

This new play tent gives a comfortable and private space for kids. If your kid is transitioning from crib to bed, then this is one of the best choices for his or her bedroom.

Made of 190T polyester taffeta fabric, this is a unique pop up tent with camouflage graphics on the exterior that stimulates kids’ imaginations. This versatile play tent from Pacific Play can be used on the bed or the floor. It has the same size as a twin bed, so it will give the right support for your kids when they are transitioning from the crib to the bed. There are mesh panels for outer view and proper ventilation. Plus, there are fitted outskirts to secure the tent with a mattress. It also includes a carry bag that makes storage and movement while the play tent is not in use easy.


Easy setup.

Air ventilation through the mesh panel.

Attractive camouflage graphics.


Not durable.

8. Delta Children Toddler Tent Bed Disney Mickey Mouse

Appealing due to the face of Mickey Mouse, this tent bed can be your kid’s favorite toy. If you want to wake up the playing spirit in any of your children, then this tent bed with mesh windows is an ideal option.

Specially designed for toddlers, this pop-up bed tent also includes a mattress that is capable of withstanding up to 50 pounds of weight. According to the manufacturers, any kid above 15 months can enjoy this tent bed. Two attached guardrails on both sides of the bed offer maximum security for kids and peace of mind for you. Roll-up doors, as well as windows, give easy access to the tent and makes it exciting. The plastic and steel used to manufacture this tent bed are safe for kids.


Includes a tent and a bed.

CPSC, JPMA, and ASTM certified.


Not durable.

9. BESTEN Floorless Indoor Privacy Tent on Bed with Color Poles

This privacy tent is made to protect your kids from cold air. It keeps them comfortable, relaxed and gives sufficient space to enjoy or study. The canopy blocks the light so that your son or daughter can sleep without any disturbance.

Looking for a single pop-up tent that has the coolest features? If yes, then you can consider the indoor privacy tent from Besten that comes with three doors; one on each side and the last one by its foot. Due to its build, the canopy gives kids a comfortable and private space to rest, read, or entertain.

This tent includes a pouch where you can slide in a tablet to watch videos and mesh construction on top to facilitate air ventilation. Adjacent to the mesh you will find a pass-through that allows entry of power cables or light holders.


Easy assembly.

High-quality zippers.

Keeps the kids warm.


Confusing instructions.

10. Privacy Pop Bed Tent Twin Black.

If you need a private and secure place where your kids can take naps, play, or spend their free time, then this pop tent is an ideal solution. This pop-up tent is durable and easy to assemble or disassemble once you decided not to use it.

With easy setup and a simple folding process, this bed tent from Privacy Pop is one of the most preferred bedroom additions for kids. This durable pop-up tent is made to fit twin beds and has dual doors for easy accessibility. For proper airflow and comfort, it has mesh panels on each side as well.

This pop-up tent snugs around the mattress to provide your kids with a much-needed private space to play or rest. It blocks ambient light so that your child can sleep without any disturbance..


Simple set up.

Durable build.

Zippers on each side for convenient access.


Low-quality zippers.

Buying Guide

The first question that you should ask yourself while buying a pop-up bed tent for your kids is why you need it? Do you want to offer them some private space or you only need a toy that can keep them engaged for a long time? If all you need is a simple regular bed tent, you should only look for safe materials and attractive features.

On the other hand, if you also want the tent to be a toy or pleasant place for the kids, then you should look for some extra windows, doors, tablet holding pouch, attractive design, etc. Apart from that, if you want a bed tent that can also be used outdoors, then look for one that can be used for camping and other similar activities.

Some of the other factors that need consideration are as follow:

Ease of installation

No one likes spending hours assembling a product. So, choose a pop-up bed tent that is easy to set up and fold once the purpose is solved.


A pop-up tent should be lightweight. It’s better if there is a storage or carrying bag included with it.

Size of the bed

You must check the size of the bed in the kid’s bedroom and find a pop-up tent with matching dimensions. There is nothing worse than purchasing a new item and discarding it only because it is unable to fit its place. So, match the measurements of both the bed and the pop-up tent.

Other features

Some pop-up tents come with a tablet pouch or pass-through for cables and lights. Mesh panels, doors, and windows are some of the common parts of a bed tent; these are a few other features that you can look at, depending on your kid’s wish and your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a pop-up bed tent?

The name says it all; a bed with a tent over it or a tent that can accommodate a mattress inside is sold as a pop-up bed tent. It’s lightweight and easy to set up as well as fold, store, or carry. Bed tents are available in a variety of designs and sizes. Standard features include a mesh panel, power cable pass-through, and Velcro or zipper doors.

How can I use a pop-up bed tent?

A bed tent gives personal space to your kids where they can rest without any disturbance. Moreover, it also protects them from cold air and mosquitoes. Bed tents are available for both indoor and outdoor purposes. If it’s built accordingly, you can take a bed tent along when trekking or camping. Apart from a kid, such shelters are also available for adults.

Can bugs get into bed tents?

Yes, this is how they spread from one object to another. So, if you are going to purchase a pop-up bed tent for your kids, make sure that your mattress is bug-free. Bed bugs can spread into the tent without you or your kid’s knowledge, and the results will be the same; disturbed sleep and red spots on the skin.

Are pop-up bed tents safe?

As far as a bed tent has no ragged corners or sharp attachments, and nothing that a kid can swallow, it is safe for kids. You should check what it is made of to be assured of your kid’s safety.

Where can I buy a pop-up bed tent?

You can visit Amazon to buy bed tents for both indoor and outdoor activities online. You can visit a physical store, mall, or retail shop to purchase a tent, but the process will be time-consuming and tiring.


Pop-up bed tents are perfect for kids sharing a room or kids transitioning from a crib to a bed.

We gave you the best tents available for kids that you can purchase this year. You can order any one of the above-mentioned bedroom additions, we are sure your kids will love it.

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