10 Best Brooms for Hardwood Floors Reviews in 2022 (Top Picks)

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A broom is one of the most important cleaning supplies for your home. In fact, It is the first item that comes to mind when It is time for general or regular cleaning. It helps you prepare your floors for mopping. And when you finish sweeping, you know the rest of the work will be easy.

But brooms aren’t equal, they are made of different materials and have a varying lifespan. And while the market spoils you for choice, giving options that you can’t even count, not every broom out there can effectively clean your hardwood floor.

That’s why in this article, we examine the best brooms for hardwood floors to determine if they can give you the biggest bang for your bucks.

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10 Best Brooms for Hardwood Floors

In a hurry? Choose your Suitable brooms for your hardwood floors from this quick buying decision list:

1. TreeLen Dust Pan and Broom/Dustpan Cleans Broom Combo

It is a budget option going for under $50. With a decent score for material quality, sturdiness, and ease of use, what you get here is a floor sweeper that will serve you for months.

The first thing that drew our attention to this stick broom was its look, but we soon realized there is more to it than the impressive aesthetic.

TreeLen designed this broom with the nature of your floor in mind. It was designed using 100% synthetic bristle. So, even if you have the most delicate hardwood floor in your house, this won’t leave any scratch mark.

The angled designed wasn’t just for giving this broom some kind of an ergonomic feel, It is most useful when it comes to sweeping corners you wouldn’t easily reach otherwise. In fact, the angled design makes it easy for you to reach such spots in a snap, thus making cleaning both simple and fun.

The manufacturer doesn’t state that this broom is water-resistant, and we wouldn’t want to assume it is. But it’s important to know that the bristle construction doesn’t absorb water. This is a commendable move as far as the design is concerned, and that’s especially because it helps to prolong the life of the broom.

The flexibility of TreeLen Dustpan Broom is something hard not to love. At the very least, you can easily extend the pole if you need to, an advantage to someone who has a back problem. And the best part… you don’t need to buy the extension pole, It is all in the package.


The synthetic material used is good for hardwood floors.

It is lightweight at just 2 lbs.

The rubber teething dustpan makes dust particles easy to collect.

The angled design lets you reach hard-to-reach areas.


The joining sections aren’t force-resistant.

2. 18″ Professional Microfiber Mop & Stainless Steel Handle

The one thing we loved about this microfiber mop (and you will too) is how thoroughly it cleans. It is more effective than many cotton mops we’ve tested. And when it comes to keeping it clean after use, just throw it into a washing machine, clean it up, and it’ll be ready to go again.

We chose to include the 18†Professional Microfiber Mop on this list because of its overwhelming versatility. And who really wouldn’t invest in a broom built for homes and offices in mind? While we do recommend this for hardwood floors, don’t limit its use to just that. It is a multi-floor push broom after all, good also for stone, laminate, concrete, and tiled floors.

The base of this professional mop is made of aluminum. At the top of the base are Velcro strips that hold the sweeping pads in position. The top and bottom handle feature a rotating plastic which allows you to adjust the broom according to your posture.

The 18″ Professional Microfiber Mop weighs just 4.65 pounds. As such, pushing and pulling it shouldn’t be an issue, especially during those days when you have a lot of sweeping to do. The machine-washable mop pads of this broom have a thick core that absorbs moisture and long pile microfiber strips, so feel free to use this for both dry and wet sweeping.

In terms of design, the square mop face looks great, and while it can easily sweep open areas just fine, expect it to struggle a bit when cleaning narrow spaces.


You can adjust the height of the handle up to 70 inches.

The 360-degree swivel makes this unit easy to maneuver.

It is good for dry and wet sweeping, thanks to the dual actual mop pads.


The joining sections feel somewhat loose.

3. MR. SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop

You can use this with soap and water, and when you’ve completed your cleaning, you can throw the mops into a cleaning machine, clean them up, and dry them on low heat. You don’t need to use a fabric softener when cleaning the mops, even the manufacturer doesn’t recommend doing so.

Whether you want to get rid of dog hair on hardwood floors or you just need a soft broom to get the area clean, MR. SIGA got your back. The brand’s Professional Microfiber Mop allows you to wipe your floor clean in just a few minutes.

This broom is very easy to use. Simply twist the handle, screw it at a comfortable position, and start dusting your floor. The 360-degree swivel mechanism makes this broom easy to maneuver, and the ability to adjust the length of the pole according to your height gives you the flexibility you need to sweep with ease.

Measuring 42 cm long by 23 cm wide, the triple cloth refill pad of this broom makes it easy for you to get rid of large particles from hardwood floors. And if you have stubborn stains that you’d like to scrape, just attach a plush mopping cloth and a dirt scrubber on the pad and you’re good to go.

The versatility of this broom isn’t just limited to the adjustable height. In fact, the fact that you can use this unit for dry and wet mopping makes it a better option than many brooms at the same price. And the floor cleaning technology built right into the head of the mop collects dust on the fly, thus adding to your cleaning experience.


It comes with a dirt scrubber.

The 360-degree swivel makes this unit easy to use.

It has a wide cleaning path.


It doesn’t have a user guide.

4. LINKYO Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop

A good broom is what makes sweeping hardwood floors fun, if you haven’t found one for your home just yet, you should consider LINKYO Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop. For the price, what you get here is a sweeper with 3 durable mop pads, a well-built stainless steel handle, plus an extension.

Designed to last, and winning a good score for versatility, product weight, and maneuverability, LINKYO Microfiber Mop should last long enough for long-term use. It’s a good option for pet hair. And just in case you have small children that tend to liter things around, you’ll find this one useful for cleaning up their mess.

This broom comes packaged with special pads; a 2x reversible microfiber pad and a reinforced microfiber pad. The latter features a clip-on design, so it should be easy to attach to the broom when you need to use it to give your floor some touchups.

The 360-degree swivel isn’t a feature you’ll find on all brooms in the same price range, its presence gives this unit a lot of flexibility. To put this into perspective, the rotation makes it easy to clean every nook and cranny of your floor, including underneath all your home furniture.

We see the versatility of this unit, even the ABS clips themselves. In fact, the ability to attach different clothe pads, including regular microfiber towels, means you can use just about any cloth pad with this.

This broom is suitable for wet as well as dust mopping. As long as you have a reversible mop pad attached to the broom, you’ll be able to do wet cleaning with ease.  The woven Coral Velvet mop pads are ideal for dust cleaning.


Machine washable pads.

The handle is easy to adjust.

2-year warranty.


The handle is somewhat short.

5. LandHope Push Broom Long Handle Rubber Bristles Sweeper

It is interesting just how lightweight this sweeper is. At just 1.01 pounds, this is the most lightweight option on this list, and a good choice to go for if you have big rooms to sweep in one go. And when you finish sweeping your rooms, you can easily clean LandHope sweeper and store it away until the next time you need it.

LandHope Push Broom lets you sweep hardwood floors with ease, and it does its job quite well, giving you the same results you’d expect from a high-quality broom.

This broom’s bristle is made of 100% rubber. And do you know what that means? You can collect pet hair, which is often messy and troublesome to clean, on the spot.

The rubber bristles are floor friendly, so to speak.  And this is something you need for hardwood floors, right? The last mistake you want to make is to buy a broom that will leave scratches on a floor you invested a lot of money to build.

The ability to adjust the handle, from the original 31.5-inch height to 54 inches, is something we liked about this mop. With this kind of versatility, you can collect dust from hardwood floors in a bending or standing position.

Liquid spills around the house can be messy, and It is unsafe if you have kids at home. Thankfully, LandHope broom’s squeegee edge lets you clean up liquid spills on the go, allowing you to create a safe environment, especially for your kids.


It can reach hidden areas, like under the furniture.

The bristle rubber won’t leave a scratch on your hardwood floor.

This broom is very easy to use.

It can pick up a lot of hair with ease.


The handles don’t lock.

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6. Evriholder Furemover Pet Hair Removal

This broom is very easy to use. This unit weighs just 14.7 ounces, making it the most lightweight option in this guide so far. And the best part… it is quite versatile. Apart from cleaning hardwood floors quite well, you can use it to wipe windows, clean carpets, and get rid of dirt from tiles and rugs.

If you’re on a very tight budget and you are looking for the best broom for hardwood floors, you should try the Evriholder SW-250-Amz-6 mop. You can get this for under $20 but it works so well that you’d think It is a high-end model.

Evriholder SW-250-Amz-6 has quite a sizeable blade. At about 12 inches, you can clean a large area with one simple push. Then there is an extended handle, a good addition to this broom, it gives you the flexibility you need to clean at different angles.

With a quick-dry function built right into this broom, you’ll never need an additional set of mops to scrub and dry your hardwood floor, the one mop that comes with this sweeper is more than enough to get the job done.

The rubber bristles add to the value of this broom, no doubt about that. With this, cleaning any surface is a breeze, no matter the shape. Moreover, the rubber remains easy on your hardwood floor, you never have to worry about patches or scratches after cleaning.

The squeegee edge may not exactly be a feature you’ll put to use all the time, but It is an important one when you have spills to deal with.


It is the cheapest broom in the market.

It is durable and easy to use.

The rubber bristles are good for hardwood floors.


You need to clean it often if you use it for pet hair.

7. European Microfiber Damp Mop with Sturdy Telescoping Handle

In our view, you don’t need chemical detergents to get your hardwood floors clean. Well, at least not with E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop. With a large surface area, and working just fine without a mop bucket, this mop can remove up to 99% of dust with just one push.

E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop has appeared on many big publications online. The likes of The Guardian and Buzzfeed recommend it as one of the best brooms to wipe your hardwood floors. But the question is, does it really live up to the hype? Yes, real-time testing shows that it does.

We love this unit because it’s safe and easy to use. The fact that it’s free from harmful and toxic chemicals means that you can use it without worrying about possible health risks. If anything, this soft broom changes the way you clean your house.

The microfiber mop head measures 42.2 inches long and 5.5 inches wide. If you do the math, you’ll notice that you get quite a commendable surface area for wiping your floor. And with a weight of just 1.4 pounds, you won’t experience any hand strains during your sweeping exercise.

The handle, which you can easily extend from 3 to 5 feet, is made of aluminum. The aluminum isn’t just lightweight, It is also sturdy and durable.

Many brooms struggle to get rid of all dirt. That’s not so with E-Cloth Mop. In fact, this can get rid of dirt, grease, and more than 90% of bacteria from different floor types.


You can use it to get rid of bacteria and dust particles.

It is lightweight.

It is easy to use and easy to clean after use.


Some parts are made of cheap, average materials.

8. JINCLEAN 18″ Microfiber Floor Mop Dual Side

All brooms do the same job, but not in the same capacity. And if there’s one thing that makes JINCLEAN 18†Microfiber Floor Mop stand out, It is the fact that It is versatile and easy to use. This broom wins some good scores for durability. What’s more? It is quite easy to maneuver.

The JINCLEAN 18†Microfiber Floor Mop package includes a dual-function 18-inch microfiber mop pad and a mop handle made of aluminum. You can easily extend the handle from 30 inches to 51 inches.

The aluminum, while not as strong as steel, makes this broom so lightweight that you can move it around the house with ease. And It is still strong, to say the least. Just make sure you don’t subject it to any kind of force when using it to mop hardwood floors.

The mop head is quite flexible, its ability to swivel with ease makes it possible for you to sweep around corners and even under furniture.

The chenille pad section helps a great deal when it comes to picking up dust and fur. The fine microfiber pad, on the other hand, allows you to mop damp hardwood floors with ease.

The unit comes 99% assembled. All you have to do is to fix the handle in place and you are good to get started with cleaning your floor.


It is a good option for light cleaning.

It is durable, as long as you don’t subject it to force when cleaning.

The dual-head mop boosts the versatility of this broom.


The handle tends to twist on its own, a problem the company is yet to address.

It’ll bend if you subject it to force because the aluminum is light.

9. BISSELL 1759 Smart Details Broom

While BISSELL may not be a broom specialty brand per se, almost every item in its product line is a true statement of quality. The 1759 Smart Detail Broom falls in the category of the most high-quality brooms they’ve ever made. We recommend this for someone who is looking for a broom from a brand they can trust.

Bissell has earned a lot of respect from its target market over the years for designing some of the best cleaning supplies.

It doesn’t swivels, so you’ll never enjoy that kind of versatility, but the fact that it features soft bristles makes it a good choice for your hardwood floor. Use it to collect dust and debris on the fly before mopping your house. And you don’t have to worry about damages because it doesn’t leaves scratches and stains on your floor.

As simple as it looks, this broom can easily pick up large particles as well as lose dust. And when you finish sweeping, just collapse the handle and store it away until you’ll need it again.

As much as the handle easily collapses for storage, It is somehow too long to allow short people to use it with ease. Plus, it’s somewhat disappointing to see the fiber shedding too soon, although this is not often a deal-breaker.


Simple design.

Easy to use.

It can easily collect heavy and large debris.

The handles collapse with ease.


The bristles tend to shed.

10. O-Cedar Power Corner Large Angle Broom

This broom is easy to use, very durable, and sturdy. Even for cheap, what you get here is a product that will serve you for months.

This is another inexpensive broom for hardwood floors. If you are looking for a budget option that does its job just as good as the most expensive options, then the O-Cedar Large Angle Broom is for you.

This broom is made of recycled bottles and it features an angled head design that makes it easy for you to sweep larger areas in a short time. You can use it to clean the interior floors. You can also use it outdoors to give your patio or garage some touchup.

The bristles of this broom are soft, so it is good for your hardwood floor. The bristles are synthetic and able to suck up moisture with ease.


Large broom head.

Very long pole.


It doesn’t come with a dustpan.

Buyer`s Guide

You already know by now that no two brooms are equal, they feature different designs and come from different brands. So, here are a few things to examine before buying a broom for hardwood floors.


Some brooms are made of durable plastic while some are made of wood and horsehair and some feature an aluminum handle. There are many options, so you need to determine the material that best suits you.


The height of the handle is an important factor to consider. You need to know how tall you are so you can pick a broom with a handle you can comfortably hold.

Also, check to make sure the handles are adjustable and actually easy to adjust. This is important when it comes to cleaning under furniture.


If all you need is a broom to sweep hardwood floors, a dustpan may not be something to consider. But if you want the full package for the price, then a dustpan is something to look into. Particularly, check to make sure the dustpan has a good capacity.


Rubber bristles are easy to wash, and they are good for pet hair, however, sometimes they generate electrostatic charges and can shock you.

Plastic bristles, on the other hand, hardly shed. They are soft and easy on hardwood floors and they are more durable than rubber bristles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do bristles last for a lifetime?

Well, not exactly. They tend to shed off over time. This means you will need to replace them as soon as you notice that they’ve started shedding.

Can I buy extra dust mops?

The dust mops that come with the package are usually enough to get the job done, but if you’d like to add more, feel free to do so. You can buy dust mops for cheap on Amazon.


Although there are dozens of brooms designed for hardwood floors, the options we’ve recommended in this guide are the top ones. They are cheap, durable, versatile, and very easy to use. All the recommendations that we’ve included on our list meet these four criteria.

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