10 Best Digital Food Scales Reviews & Buying Guide in 2023


Do you adhere strictly to a diet plan or enjoy experimenting with new recipes at home? If the answer is yes, a tool capable of precisely measuring portion sizes could be beneficial to you. A digital food scale is perfect for this role because it provides accurate measurements of your protein and carbohydrate consumption–guesswork is not always reliable! Moreover, a digital food scale is extremely helpful when you need precise measurements of ingredients for your culinary creations.

A food scale is one of those simple looking devices that does not have much to show but plays a crucial role for health-conscious individuals. Usually, it has a weighing plate or a bowl where you can place an item that needs to be measured. They are easy to use and can be used to weigh both solid and liquid food items.

Whether you are following a strict diet plan or you want to eat something tasty for dinner with the right amount of spices, consider one of the best digital food scales given below.

The 10 Best Food Scales of 2023

1. Greater Goods 480 Di Digital Kitchen Food Scale

At this price, the functionality and features of this tool are fantastic. You can carry this scale wherever you need because it is lightweight and never takes up too much space. The best thing about it is that you will be able to measure in all the units that you read on the cooking site. Overall, this is one of the best food scales for meal prep.

Following a diet chart is complicated, especially for foodies. However, it becomes tougher to eat the right portion when you are traveling for work or business. To fix this issue, the Greater Goods Digital Scale can give you a convenient way to maintain your fitness goals.

Greater Goods 480 Di has a weight capacity of up to 11 pounds and measures in all the significant units including grams, ounces, millimeters, and pounds. With four measurement sensors, the food scale can weigh one-tenth of an ounce or gram. Its two-button design and LCD screen will help you make the right measurements. Equipped with a CR2032 battery, it’ll serve you for long.

This scale is a small and lightweight measurement device that does not have any movable parts, bowls, or plates, making it easy to pack and clean.



Small footprint

Easy to switch between all the measurements


No decimal points in grams

2. INEVIFIT Digital Kitchen Scale

This kitchen scale gives you precise measurements, supports multiples measuring units, and has a durable finish. In addition, you get 24/7 support for five years. With all these features, you are guaranteed to have a satisfactory weighing experience.

Stylish and incredible, our second entry comes from Inevitable. Made of stainless steel, this scale gives you easy measurements for potions and other food items.

This food scale will help you change your figure from fat to fit. Being ripped is difficult to achieve as you have to know and remember the right amount of proteins and carbs you need to put in your muscles. With Inevitable digital kitchen scale, the process becomes easy as you can easily measure the nutrition level. This is the reason why it is one of the best food scales for weight loss.

This digital kitchen scale weighs materials up to 13 pounds (6 kg) and can also weigh as little as 0.04 ounces (1gram). This means you can weigh anything and everything that is required to give you a beach body.

The manufacturers think that weighing food material should be convenient, which is why they have included many smart features on this scale. It has a Tare Function which only shows the weight of food items, minus the weight of the container or bowl. The low battery indicator tells you when to replace the battery, and the unit conversion option shows the weight of your food items in grams, pounds, milliliters, and ounces.

Another benefit of this food scale is its auto-power feature. When not in use, it automatically powers off and hence saves the battery in the long run.


Built of Stainless steel

Measures both solid and liquid foodstuff

Backlit LED display

Weight capacity of 13 lbs.


LCD not visible when you weigh food items on a sizeable full-size plate

3. Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale

You have different units to measure and convert. You got the button for these functions with a click confirmation so that you do not have to press them twice to make sure. These are the reasons why we are keeping Pronto in our top ten list. Overall, it is a multi-functional scale that can be utilized in the kitchen and mail room and even for your science projects.

Kitchen scales don’t usually cost a fortune, even the best of them rarely carry a hefty price tag. However, Ozeri ZK14-S stands out because of its really low price tag. Are you thinking that you will not be able to use it for a long time just because it does not top the price chart? This is not the case because this scale is of high quality and also comes with a one-year hassle free warranty.

The simple yet stylish Ozeri Pronto comes in seven different colors, including black, white, blue, and green. This smart food scale has a chrome plate or weighing platform where you can put a food item that needs measurement. There are two buttons one for power and tare function while another is for charging the unit. There is also an LCD screen where you can see the weight and measurement units. So, this scale is easy to use.

With a weighing capacity of 11.24 pounds (5.1 kg), Pronto is perfect for making a protein fruit smoothie and measuring ingredients while cooking meals. The lowest it can weigh is 0.05 ounces or 1 gram. It uses two AAA batteries.



Tare function

Large buttons with audible conformations


Tare function starts malfunctioning after a few months

4. ELectricity Digital Kitchen Scale Multifunction Food Scale

An accurate weighing device that looks stylish, is easy to clean, and can be used in different scenarios. It quickly changes the units from gram to ounce and further. Also, the tare function is useful. And how can we forget the price? This is one of the best food scales and has a relatively low price tag.

Integrated with four precision sensors, Digital Kitchen Scale from Etekcity gives you accurate measurements. Apart from being very effective in the kitchen, it can also be used in offices and mail rooms.

Due to its sleek design, this food scale has a low weight of 5 kg, so you can easily carry it around if you need to. If you are not taking it anywhere, then you can store it inside any of the kitchen drawers. This scale with a low footprint occupies less space and leaves space on the shelf for other items.

This professional kitchen scale can be operated with two buttons one for power and another for tare function so you can get the true measurement of food items. It has a bright LCD that shows you the right measurements and units.

Due to its weighing capacity of 11 pounds (5 kg approx.), this scale is perfect for measuring a variety of kitchen or mail items. You can measure the objects in ounces, grams, and pounds. This scale is powered by two AAA batteries, which are also included with the delivery box.


Built of smooth stainless steel

Clear LCD screen

Automatic zero and power off mechanism


Incorrect measurements under 6 grams

5. NUTRI FIT High Accuracy Multifunction Food Scale

Looking at the features, you can buy this multi functional scale to weigh milk, water, spices, protein powder, and other items. As it has the tare function included, you can use any container to measure. If you want a versatile and easy to operate weight device, choose this multi functional scale from Nutrition.

Versatile and affordable are the two words that describe this food scale from Nuti Fit. You can weigh anything on the scale, and due to its compact design, you can easily place it on the counter or hang it in a kitchen drawer.

With a weighing capacity of 11 pounds (5 kg), it is good enough for all food items, fruits, ingredients, and other items. Talking about precision, it gives you accurate results even at a low weight of one ounce or gram. The weighing platform or plate of this multi-functional scale is made of stainless steel, which is smudge resistant and can be cleaned easily.

This scale’s LCD shows you the metric, volume, and measurement of the items on the steel plate. There are buttons to convert the units and turn the unit on/off.

This food scale is sold as a weight management device. However, it also includes dough scrap. You can use this scale in baking and producing many other eatables.


Accurate and versatile

Built of smudge resistant stainless steel

Convenient hanging design

Includes dough scrap


Works on CR2032 lithium-ion battery, buyers prefer AAA

6. Electricity Digital Kitchen Scale Multifunction Food Scale

With a durable and easy to read LCD, this scale is crafted to assist you while weighing eatables and other items. It’s accurate and allows you to quickly see the numbers on the display. The measurement bowl and temperature sensors are added benefits. This scale gets five stars from our team.

This is another candidate from Etekcity, but this time it comes with a stainless steel measurement bowl. You do not have to use tare function here; put any food item in its safe for food container and it will give you a precise measurement. Also, you do not have to look for a container every time. Pretty neat, right?

This smooth multifunctional scale has a weight capacity of 11 pounds or 5 kilograms, but the detachable bowl is restricted to 2.15 liters. The bowl comes in handy while mixing and pouring, especially while baking, making smoothies, shakes, soups or juices. However, you can remove the bowl to weigh any solid food items.

Apart from standard unit measurement support, this scale has an alarm and temperature sensor. It also has the tare function, auto-zeroing feature, and a blue backlit LCD. It works on two AAA batteries. Above all, it comes with a one-year warranty.


Accurate and multifunctional

Sleek and durable

Detachable bowl included


Loud alarm

7. Digital Kitchen Scale by Zerla

This digital scale from Zerla does all the right things to keep you healthy so that you can live an active and disease-free life. All the features of this scale allow you to keep track of your fat or protein intake. Overall, this is a fantastic scale that can be used for various purposes.

This sleek kitchen scale by Zerla comes with a sober body made of stainless steel. Created for contemporary kitchens, this digital scale has an automatic tare function. This means it automatically subtracts the weight of the container or bowl you are using, so you see the weight of the food items only.

At 14.4 ounces (408 g), this scale is lightweight, compact, and easy to store. You can also carry it to your workplace due to its small footprint. It can weigh up to 11 pounds (5 kg) and displays the measurements in both weight and volume.

When it comes to precision, it can give you accurate weight measurement as low as 0.05 ounce or 1 gram. These are the reasons why this scale has been one of the bestsellers for a long time.

This affordable scale is versatile and can be used for various tasks. You can easily use it to measure daily protein portions and the ingredients you need to add to any meal you’re cooking.

This scale is powered by two AAA batteries. The brand is confident about the product, that is why they offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the performance of their product.


Compact and lightweight design


Easy to use

Money back guarantee


Buttons are not durable

8. Escali Primo Digital Kitchen Scale

Escali Primo is one of our favorite digital scale manufacturers. This digital food scale proves the point and gives you all the facilities so that you can have a frustration-free time in the kitchen and also live a healthy life.

This scale reads quickly, in fact, Escali Prime digital scale is one of the fastest and most accurate scales we have reviewed. Whether you are cooking, baking, or taking care of your diet plan, this scale is going to give you precise measurements.

This kitchen scale weighs anything up to 11 pounds (5 kg) and can go as low as 0.05 ounces or 1 gram. Once you leave it unused for more than four minutes, it automatically switches off. It supports various measurement units including ounces, grams, and pounds.

It has a simple design and easy to use interface. There are a couple of buttons, one of them is for power and tare while another is to change the measurement units. Apart from the buttons, there is a bright LCD screen to check the measurements. This digital scale also has automatic zeroing features, so it will be back to zero once it is powered on again.

The buttons and display of this scale are covered with a protective shield that prevents any damage from accidental spills. It is also easy to clean using a damp towel or dry piece of cloth.


Clear and easy to read screen

Easy operation

Convenient to clean

Long battery life


Not durable enough

9. 1byone Digital Kitchen Scale

There are many features that set this kitchen scale apart from others. Whether it is build quality or performance, this digital scale excels in both and appears as a suitable weighing device. With a comparatively low price tag, it has all the features to be your favorite.

Talk about precision and one name will always pop up 1byone. Due to its strain gauge, 1byone is one of the most accurate scales in the market. It employs electroplating technology for quick unit conversions. Due to the same, the scale has a rapid response rate and gives you instant results.

Auto zero function is another feature that we can mention. It avoids confusion so that the scale can match your speed. To use the service, you have to press tare + auto zero, this will clear any previous measurements to give you a clean slate.

The maximum capacity of this scale is 11 pounds (176 ounces/5 kg) and has the precision to weigh as low as 0.04 ounces (1 gram). It uses two AAA batteries and due to ultra-low power consumption, you will not face any trouble when replacing them.


Flat weighting platform

Easy unit conversion

Low power consumption


Weight of objects change if not placed correctly.

10. GDEALER DS1 Digital Pocket Kitchen Multifunction Food Scale

For effective weighing results, you need the right measurements. DS1 pocket scale assists you in the same, gives you accuracy, seamless conversion between units and results are displayed on an easy to read display. Well, being a pocket scale, DS1 is offering as much as it can.

Another fine scale from Gdealer that comes with two removable plastic cases. DS 1 is easy to clean and never loses luster even after regular use. If you have this scale from Gdealer, you will always get precise results.

You can use this multifunction scale to weigh items up to 1 pound (500 grams). Pick any of the units and it will instantly give you results. Compatible units include pounds, grams, kilograms, and ounces. Additional features include a room temperature sensor and alarm.

Unlike other scales on this list, DS1 comes with four buttons. Apart from a power button, it has M which allows you to choose the sample counts. Tare function can be used by T and PCS to manage and confirm the sample counts as instructed on the LCD. The blue backlit gives you visibility in the dark as well. Due to its compact design, you can either place it on the kitchen slap, countertop, or store it in a drawer.

ABS plastic frame and stainless steel make this scale durable. Thanks to these materials, this device is lightweight and sturdy enough to last for long. Its rubber feet prevent any scratching and also keep the scale safe.

Auto power off activates and shuts down this scale once you leave it idle for two minutes. It comes with two AAA batteries.



Lightweight and portable


Stylish appearance


Extra sensitive, may give wrong results.

Buying Guide

With so many buying options, it is difficult to choose the right scale. Hopefully, our buying guide will help you analyze, compare different options, and then make the right decision. If you invest in a wrong choice, how will you enjoy a well-cooked meal?


How can a weight scale be right if it is not accurate? So, the first factor you should consider is the right measurements. Read the reviews provided on this page and on Amazon to know what you are buying.

Accuracy can be measured by the degree of graduation, which is 0.05 ounces or 1 gram for most kitchen scales. Any larger numbers will affect the accuracy of a food scale.

Tare Option

You must have seen a tare button on most of the scales we reviewed on this page. Using this feature, you get the accurate weight of the ingredients, minus the weight of the container. It subtracts the bowl weight and lets you see only the measurement of the components inside.


Choose a compact food scale with a small footprint. You will be able to place a small scale anywhere in the kitchen, on the microwave or fridge, and in drawers. A small scale is lightweight and portable, allowing you to carry it to the restaurant or workplace.

Ease of Use

Select a kitchen scale that you can easily clean and operate. Investing in a scale with a removable bowl or container seems to be an excellent option as you will have an all-time ready weighing container.


Most weighing scales come with a LCD screen that shows measurements and metrics. Look for a scale that has a bright and readable backlit LCD.

Unit Conversion

There are different units used on websites while you are preparing for a recipe, so it is best to invest in a kitchen scale that automatically converts the units for example grams to pounds, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a tare function?

While cooking or baking, you have to weigh the plate and the food material before doing the math. However, tare function suggests something else. Simply place the container or plate on the weighing platform and then press the tare function button. This will automatically reset the scale to zero. So, when you place an item on the container, you will see the accurate weight of the food item.

How accurate can a kitchen food scale be?

The accuracy of a food scale is half the size of the smallest unit; for example, 0.5 pounds or grams. You should check the accuracy by using water in a bowl.

What is the maximum weighing capacity of multifunctional scales?

Maximum weight depends on the manufacturer and model. To know the minimum and maximum weight capacity of a scale, you should check the description. However, all the products included on our list have a weighing limit of up to 13 pounds/6 kg.

Can I get the results in grams?

Yes, you can. Most multifunctional scales can measure weight in pounds, grams, and kilograms.

What items can I measure using a kitchen scale?

Meat, flour, butter, castor, sauce, sugar, spice powders, and many more items can be measured using a scale. Apart from eating materials, you can also use a scale for weighing office materials and mail.

How do I check whether a scale is accurate or false?

Checking accuracy on a kitchen scale is easy. Please follow the steps below to check the accuracy of a scale:

  • Take a pre-weighted object, a coin, mobile phone, or anything that is nearby.
  • Switch on the scale and make sure you have zero on its LCD.
  • Place the weight and check the results.

If the weight scale shows you the right measurement of the object, it means that the device is working and is accurate.


Some of us may think that a kitchen scale is not an essential device, but if you talk to professional chefs and people who regularly cook and bake, you will know how crucial a scale is to them. Portable weighing devices are not only used in making tasty meals but also give you a helping hand in taking balanced diets.

However, not all of us have the complete information about multifunctional scales, that is the reason why we have given a proper description of all the entries on our list, we also included a buying guide to help you make the right decision. Read the reviews and understand the factors that you need to check so you can make the right investment.

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