10 Best Fake Plants for House in 2023 (Interior Designer’s Choice)

Looking for the best fake plants for your home? Here's a list of the best artificial plants that will look real to your guests.


There are many reasons why you may choose a fake plant for home over a real one. Maybe you don’t have the green thumb required to keep a plant alive. Maybe you prefer a specific plant that doesn’t do well in your climate. Or maybe you just want to add something natural to your environment without going through the trouble of keeping it alive.

A fake plant for the home can be the perfect option, with thousands of varieties to choose from. Bring the tropics to your office, or add a touch of arid desert to your living room. The best part is, you will never need to water it and it will never die off!

This guide walks you through the 10 best fake plants for home.

Best Fake Plants for House

In a hurry? Check  this quick buying decision list:

1. Nearly Natural 5289 6.5 Ft. Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree

Nearly Natural 5289 6.5 Ft. Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree

This fake plant for home is a great option when you want a tall, tropical piece for the corner of a room. If the need for an additional decorative planter to display it in is a deal-breaker, you might want to keep looking.

Are you looking for a fake indoor plant to create an atmosphere of sunshine indoors? This authentic-looking Golden Kane Palm Tree brings a tropical touch to any home or office.

It stands 6.5 high, with 40 x 45 width from the furthest outstretched dimension. It weighs 12 lbs and comes in a sturdy green non-decorative nursery pot that measures 10 W x 8.5 H. It is not top-heavy, so you don’t need to worry about it toppling over, although you may want to display it in your favorite planter or basket for a more personalized touch.

333 authentic-looking palm leaves branch out of multiple textured trunks, with moss surrounding each trunk at the base. It may require some re-shaping when removed from the box, but a wire in each leaf stem makes this easy and also allows the tree to be fluffed out to 36 or compressed to fit into a tight space.

It is manufactured using synthetic materials such as polyester and plastic. Although it can be used in covered outdoor spaces, be sure that it is not exposed to rain or snow, as the wires will rust and the fronds will fall off. Slight fading may also occur in direct sunlight.

It comes in two pieces, so slight assembly is required. Simply wipe it clean with a soft, dry cloth when necessary.


Tall, standing at 6.5 feet

Lots of authentic palm leaves

Can be fluffed or compressed to fit any space


Pot is non-decorative

It doesn’t do well when exposed to moisture

2. Nearly Natural, Green 4855 35-Inch Sansevieria with Black Planter

Green 4855 35-Inch Sansevieria with Black Planter

This fake plant for the home can add a touch of warmth to a space that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight, but make sure it is placed out of the reach of dogs and children.

Try this classy Sansevieria if you are looking for a smaller fake plant for a home that can bring a tropical feel to a desk, coffee table, or floating shelf.

It stands 35 inches tall with a width and depth of 7 inches from the base of the planter to the furthest extended leaf. The decorative matte black planter measures 6.25 H x 6.75 W x 6.75 D and weighs 6.93 lbs.

The 28 full leaves point straight to the sky and are deep green and slightly variegated, with moss surrounding each stalk at the base.

It is made from synthetic materials such as polyester and plastic, which means that it can be wiped clean with a dry, soft cloth. Keep it away from direct sunlight, as it will fade or melt in extreme heat; screened or covered patio areas only.

No assembly is required, but it may need to be re-shaped when removed from the box. There may be a scent upon opening, but it will dissipate within minutes. While stable, dogs or children may be able to tip it over.


28 full leaves

Decorative planter


Indoor use only

May tip over

3. One 5-Foot Artificial Silk Bird of Paradise Palm Tree Potted Plant

Artificial Silk Bird of Paradise Palm Tree Potted Plant

This fake plant for home is a great option for adding some beauty to a space that will be shared by dogs or children.

Do you want a stable and beautiful tree-sized fake plant for your home that won’t topple over? This Bird of Paradise Palm can bring warmth to any room without the risk of being knocked over by pets or children.

It’s made from synthetic materials and stands 5 feet tall from the base of the container to the top of the tree. The durable container weighs 15 lbs to keep the tree upright and in place. It is 6.5 inches tall, 6 inches wide across the top, and 6.5 inches wide across the bottom. You will want to place it in an additional 12-18 inches diameter planter or basket, as this is a non-decorative container, not a pot.

This artificial plant can add an elegant touch to any indoor space, but outdoor usage is not recommended as the leaves will fade if exposed to the elements. Although no assembly is required, you’ll need to re-shape the leaves to your liking upon removal from the box.


A weighted container won’t topple

No assembly required


You will need an additional planter or basket

Indoor use only

4. Nearly Natural Agave with Black Planter Artificial Plant

Black Planter Artificial Plant

No need to worry about direct sunlight, this fake plant for home is more durable than others, it won’t fade easily.

Are you looking for a fake plant for your home that will stay beautiful even when placed in direct sunlight? This Agave can even be used outside, so direct sunlight from a window will be no problem.

It stands 30 inches tall from the bottom of the vase to the top of the plant, and it measures 17 L x 17 W from the furthest extended leaf. The decorative black matte planter is 9 inches high, 4 inches wide at the base, and 9 inches wide at the top. It weighs in at 5.49 lbs.

58 full spiny leaves point in every direction and mimic the natural gray-green color of this warm-weather desert plant. The smaller stalks at the bottom are removable, and each stalk is surrounded by moss, giving it the perfect finishing touch.

A soft, dry cloth should be all you need to keep the synthetic materials looking beautiful for years to come. This fake indoor plant is so durable that it can even be used outdoors without fading.

No assembly or maintenance is required, you only need to reshape it when you remove it from the box.


Can be placed in direct sunlight

58 natural-looking leaves

Decorative planter


Maybe a little top-heavy

5. Deluxe 72-Inch FICUS Silk Leaf Artificial Tree + Premium Fiddle Leaf Foliage in 8-Inch Base + 12-Inch Plant Pot Skirt

Deluxe 72-Inch FICUS Silk Leaf Artificial Tree

This extra-large fake plant for home gives you great value for your money. It features lots of green foliage and a stylish planter skirt that helps you avoid the extra cost of an additional planter.

This fake plant for a home will allow you to fill a large space with as much green as possible. The Ficus tree is thick and full of leaves, while the trunk and base are adorned by premium Fiddle leaves and tropical grasses.

With a height of 72 inches, it is able to stand on its own in a sturdy 12-inch container that weighs 20.5 lbs. It measures 36 L x 36 H from the furthest extended leaves, with an Origami-style skirt to disguise the bigger, heavier container. The skirt is bio-degradable and made from 600GSM engineered pressed board. No need to worry about the added cost of a pot or planter.

Fiddle leaves and tropical grasses fill the base of the pot, with an 18-feet vine climbing up 3 realistic trunks. All of these are topped off by 1,090 lifelike Ficus leaves.

Although this fake plant for the home can be used either indoors or outdoors, slight fading may occur if placed in direct sunlight.

Some assembly is required for the Origami-style planter skirt, but otherwise, simply unpack and adjust the branches for the desired height and width.


Extra large

Lots of green foliage

Origami-style planter skirt


Slight fading may occur

6. Nearly Natural 6681 15in. Pothos with Decorative Vase Silk Plant

Pothos with Decorative Vase Silk Plant

If a simple yet beautiful fake plant for home in a classic basket planter is what you are looking for, then look no further!

Are you looking for a fake plant for a home that is perfect as a centerpiece for your coffee table or desk? This beautiful Pothos has realistic leaves that bring vibrant greenery to any space.

It stands 15 inches tall from the base and measures 29 L x 20 W from the furthest extended branches. It comes in a decorative basket that measures 10 W x 6.5 H. It is made from synthetic polyester and plastic and weighs a mere 3 lbs.

The leaves come in a variety of shades, some looking older, some like new growth. Each branch is easy to bend and shape to suit your space. The plant can be easily removed from the basket it comes in if you’d prefer to place it in your favorite planter instead. Although indoor use is recommended, it can be placed on a covered patio or porch.

No assembly is required, simply re-shape as desired when removed from the box. A soft, dry cloth, when needed, should be all it takes to keep it looking full and fresh every day.


Can be removed from the basket

Easily shaped

Leaves in a variety of shades


No outdoor use

7. Artificial Hanging Plants Rose Vine | 5FT

Artificial Hanging Plants Rose Vine | 5FT

This elegant fake plant for home is a beautiful addition to any corner. It is even classy enough to be used for events like weddings or birthday parties! The only thing that may give you pause is the lack of a hanging planter, one must be purchased separately.

Add a beautiful cascade of roses to your decor with this classic fake plant for a home. This hanging rose vine of chain ivy gives you a feeling of warmth and elegance that will never fade.

It includes 12 branches that hang 5 feet long and include about 165 small roses of varying size and shade. Select one of four blossom colors, pink, hot pink, light pink, or white. The rose flowers and leaves are made from silk and the front part of the stem of the watermelon leaf is installed with a wire wrapped in plastic, allowing you to easily shape the plant to fit your space.

It weighs only .75 lbs, but there is no hanging planter included. You WIll need to purchase one separately. A 6-inch hanging pot will keep the foliage looking lush. Two plants can be used to fill larger hanging baskets for a fuller look.

No assembly is required, simply place in a hanging basket and adjust the leaves as desired. This plant can even be used outside with no worries about fading! There may be a slight “plastic†odor upon unpacking, but it should dissipate quickly.


Hangs 5 feet

12 branches and 165 blossoms

Can be used outside


No planter included

May have a slight odor when unpacked

8. Nearly Natural 4106 16-Inch Cedar Bonsai Silk Plant

Cedar Bonsai Silk Plant

If you are looking to bring something Zen to your desk or coffee table, but don’t have the skills or patience to grow and groom a real Bonsai, this fake plant for home may be your answer

Growing a real Bonsai tree is hard if you don’t have a green thumb. This fake plant for home takes away the burden of maintaining and grooming a real Bonsai for those of us who want a touch of peace and tranquility without the upkeep.

The 16-inch tall cedar Bonsai is an artfully trimmed replica with carefully designed branches and a delicate leaf pattern. It measures 12 W x 16.5 L with a natural-looking trunk and exposed roots. The circular black container accents the Bonsai and is topped off with artificial soil. The dimensions of the container are 7 W x 3 H x 11 L.

It’s made from synthetic materials such as polyester and plastic and only weighs 1 lb. It’s durable enough for indoor or outdoor use and no assembly is required. Simply shape it to your liking after removing it from the box. Clean with a soft, dry cloth when necessary.

It is not easily removed from the container that it comes in, but for added authenticity, you may want to add moss or stones to the fake dirt.


No trimming or grooming


No assembly required


Not easily removed from the container it comes in

9. MyGift Decorative Round Faux Potted Succulents/Artificial Plant in 6-Inch Glazed White Ceramic Flower Pot

MyGift Decorative Artificial Succulents

If you grew up with succulents but now live in a climate where they cannot be grown easily, this indoor fake plant allows you to have the nostalgia of home without having to worry about the inhospitable weather.

Do you love Succulents but live in a dry, arid climate where they are difficult to grow? Bring the garden into your house with this fake plant for a home.

These potted Succulents stand 7-inch tall in a glossy, white pot. The Succulents are realistic and vibrant, made from synthetic materials such as plastic and polyester. The pot is made from ceramic and is 6 inches in diameter.

At only 3 lbs, it’s the perfect accent for coffee tables, windowsills, floating shelves, or bathroom countertops.

While indoor use is recommended, it can be placed outdoors in a covered area such as a patio.


Realistic and vibrant

Good for any climate


No outdoor use

10. Nearly Natural 5919 27-Inch Boxwood Ball Topiary

Boxwood Ball Topiary

A shaped Boxwood is a very specific aesthetic that you will either love or hate. The best part is that it will never outgrow its shape! But if you are looking for something a little more low-key, this one may not be for you.

Do you love shaped hedges but don’t have the yard space to grow your own or the time it takes to groom and maintain them? This fake plant for a home will make a bold statement in your entryway with no extra effort required!

This Boxwood measures 37 H x 15 L x 15 W and is topped off with soft green leaves shaped into a timeless ball topiary with a diameter of 17 inches. It comes in a simple black planter measuring 6 H x 6.5 W x 6.5 D.

At 14.12 lbs, it is substantial in weight, so it shouldn’t tip over easily. It is made from plastic, and no assembly is required. Simply clean with a soft, dry cloth when necessary.

While it can be used in covered outdoor areas such as patios, exposure to wind and rain is not recommended. Direct sunlight may cause fading.


No maintenance required

Won’t topple over easily


May fade in direct sunlight

How to choose the best faux plant for your home?

Most of us want to have at least some greenery around us. This can be difficult if you live in a city or have limited yard space.

Bring nature inside with a fake plant for home!

If you have a favorite plant, chances are there is a fake replica of it. There are literally thousands of variations to choose from. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about whether or not it will grow in a specific climate.

Different kinds of fake plants are going to add different touches of style to your home. Whether you want something desert or tropical is going to depend on your personal aesthetic and your space requirements.

The Word Silk is a Term for Art

When browsing for a fake plant for a home you will find the word silk used in the majority of product descriptions. However, the days when silk was commonly used in the construction of fake plants are long gone. These days, almost all are made from synthetic materials such as polyester or plastic.

This doesn’t mean that it is impossible to find a fake plant for home with blossoms or leaves made from silk, it only means that the word is most often used as a general descriptor for a fake plant, and not as an indicator of the actual material used.

Don’t be caught off-guard when you open a package expecting a silk plant only to find plastic. The seller wasn’t misleading you with an inaccurate product description, it is just that the word silk doesn’t necessarily denote the material that the product is made from anymore.

Know Your Space Requirements

If you are trying to fill an entire corner of your home or office, a standing tree or plant that hangs from a basket is your best option. If you are only looking for an accent for a desk or shelf, a smaller plant in a modest pot is going to be ideal.

A fake plant for home with branches constructed out of wire wrapped in plastic will allow you to “fluff†the plant out to fill a space or to condense it to the size that you need.

Make sure you are aware of the dimensions of the pot or container that the plant comes in, as this will vary from the dimensions listed for the plant itself. You don’t want your plant to arrive only to realize that you don’t have room for the pot that it comes in.

The Natural Look Can Depend on Lighting

Although you hope to find a plant of high quality that looks as natural as possible, let’s face it, it is fake. How well the plant blends into its environment can depend greatly on lighting.

Harsher lighting can bring out the more “plastic†elements of some plants, while others will stand up to more scrutiny, even in a well-lit space.

For places that get a lot of light, look for plants that have more going on, such as smaller leaves with blossoms and a trunk. Large fronds will look better in an area that isn’t as directly lit.

FAQs about Papasan Chairs

Can I use a fake plant for home outside?

Yes, but be aware that pretty much any fake plant is going to fade over time when subjected to direct sunlight. Depending on the materials it is constructed from, some may even melt in extreme heat. Plastic and polyester are particularly susceptible to heat. Look for a plant that is made from actual silk, but be warned that even silk is not completely immune to fading.

Exposure to moisture is generally not recommended, but take special care with plants that are constructed with wire branches. Rain or snow will cause the wires to rust and the branches to fall off.

Can I put a fake plant for home in another pot?

Sometimes. A lot of fake plants come in a plain, simple container intended to be stuck in an additional pot. In these cases, removal of the original container is unnecessary. Simply stick the whole thing in the pot of your choosing and you are good to go.

If the plant comes in a decorative pot, it may be more difficult to remove. Most are secured firmly in place for durability’s sake and can be difficult to extract without causing damage to the support system that the plant rests on.

Will a fake plant for home tip over?

Consider the following factors:

  • The space that you are using the plant in.
  • The construction of the base/pot.

Most larger free-standing plants, such as palm trees, etc., come with a weighted base that helps to offset the top-heavy construction. If it is just going into a corner with little foot-traffic you’ll have nothing to worry about.

You may want to use caution in areas that are shared with household pets or children, as no weighted base will withstand being actively pulled on.

Does a fake plant for home smell?

Some synthetic materials can definitely have a distinctive scent. Add to that the fact that the product has most likely been packaged for a considerable time, and you may notice an odor upon opening the package.

If the fake plant for home is of decent quality, you may notice a scent when you unpack it, but it should dissipate quickly when aired out.

If the scent doesn’t dissipate as fast as you want, spritz it with your favorite deodorizer or scent to mask the plastic smell.


The process of adding greenery to your personal space can be a fun one, enjoy yourself! The type of fake plant for a home that you choose can say a lot about you, use it as a way of expressing your personality.

You’re rarely going to ruin a space by adding a plant. The only considerations you need to be aware of are your space requirements. Make sure that the plant you select fits the space that it’s intended for.

If you are planning on using the plant outdoors or on a covered patio, a little more caution should be taken when making a selection. But for indoor use, almost anything goes.